Take your leadership skills to a new level as a Global Adventures leader in 2018

Global Adventures leaders take members on trips across North America and around the world, where they can experience Mountaineers activities in new, exciting places.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
Global Adventures Leader
February 03, 2018
Take your leadership skills to a new level as a Global Adventures leader in 2018

Are you an experienced Mountaineers activity leader who dreams of taking Mountaineers companions on multi-day adventures in far-flung places? Global Adventures leaders have taken groups skiing, snowshoeing, climbing, scrambling, backpacking, trekking, and day-walking in Alaska, the Rockies, Patagonia, Peru, the Himalayas, the British Isles, New Zealand, and more. The Global Adventures program may be the perfect place for you to live your travel dreams, and at the same time, take your trip planning and group leadership skills to a new level.  

Global Adventures are active multi-day outdoor-oriented group adventures for Mountaineers members outside North America as well as some multi-day North American adventures, featuring the range of activities that The Mountaineers offers on their domestic outings. We make a strong effort to deliver trips with a variety of destinations, activity types and strenuousness, and to provide value and unique experiences that are superior to what would be available in an outside commercial trip.

In addition to the normal responsibilities and technical skills required of any Mountaineers activity leader, Global Adventure leaders must also be adept travel planners, accountants, facilitators, guides, cheerleaders and trouble-shooters, capable of handling the special complexities of international travel with a diverse group who may not know each other. The paramount priority of our leaders is for the safety and enjoyment of their group members. They must truly enjoy people and service, be highly organized yet flexible, and have exceptional communication skills as well as the professionalism to represent the Mountaineers favorably around the world. The planning and tracking of trip logistics and expenses requires a significant investment of time for months before each trip.

For specifics related to where and how to lead trips, please reference our International and North American trip requirements document.

Become A Leader!

Does this description fit you, even in part? Do you think you might like to add Global Adventures leader to your leadership resume? To develop your leadership and planning skills to the next level? To experience far-flung places with skilled and like-minded Mountaineers companions? The Global Adventures program is actively recruiting leaders and working to expand its offerings, so the time is right! Check out the process and qualifications to become a Global Adventures leader here, or contact Global Adventures Committee chair Cindy Hoover at cyn@zipcon.com with your completed application form to get things started!  

A prospective Global Adventures Leader is asked to submit an application to the Global Adventures chair Cindy Hoover at cyn@zipcon.com including recent relevant trip experience, leadership training/experience, first aid certifications, other experience and skills, and references. Download the application form. 

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