Tacoma Snowshoeing Courses Open for Registration

Experience winter on a whole new level with the Tacoma branch's upcoming snowshoeing and winter camping courses!
Shawn Raybell Shawn Raybell
Tacoma Snowshoeing Committee Member
November 10, 2019
Tacoma Snowshoeing Courses Open for Registration

Join the Tacoma Mountaineers this winter season to enjoy the outdoors while it's cold, beautiful, and uncrowded! With upcoming courses in Basic Snowshoeing, Backcountry Snowshoeing, and Winter Camping, we have something for everyone. Courses are open for registration - sign up now before they're full! 



This course provides students with a solid foundation in snowshoeing. Topics covered include snowshoe techniques and travel, winter clothing, gear selection, and conditioning for snowshoeing. We’ll have recommendations for where to go, what to rent, and what to buy.

Successful completion will allow the student to participate in Easy and Easy+ snowshoe outings. It will also allow an interested student to continue on to the next level course; Intermediate (aka Backcountry) Snowshoe. There are no prerequisites for this course.

December 2019 Course

January 2020 Course



The Intermediate (aka Backcountry) Snowshoe course is designed for adventurers who want to gain the skills and experience to handle more challenging snowshoe routes and terrain than those offered in Easy or Easy+ trips. Moderate and strenuous trips are, in many cases, non-technical mountain-climbing routes with mountain peaks for destinations.

The course will cover information and skills needed to survive in backcountry terrain, including introductory avalanche awareness,  emergency shelters, self-belay and self-arrest skills.

February 2020 Course



Learn to make a comfortable camp in the snow. This course will cover both winter tent camping and non-emergency winter shelters (primarily snow caves, snow trenches and other options). The course consists of one lecture and one all-weekend field trip, which includes building a snow cave! There are no prerequisites for this course.

February 2020 Course

Snowshoe Activities 

Already a snowshoe-pro? Join us on one of our upcoming snowshoe activities! With trips to gorgeous lakes and mountain vistas, they won't disappoint. 

See Upcoming Activities 


Contact the Tacoma Snowshoe Committee with any questions you may have. 

 Family Discount 

Get the whole family outside! With deals on courses, now is the perfect time to get your kids involved in fun winter adventures. 

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