Tacoma Mountaineers Open House and Special Presentation - Nov 19

Come and learn how to get involved in Mountaineers courses and activities, and enjoy our feature presenation: "Skiing the Ice Cap Slam" by Julie Myer. Doors open 6:30pm.
Sarah Holt Sarah Holt
November 03, 2015

Meet your fellow Mountaineers and learn how to get involved in our outdoor activities, then stay for our feature presentation by Julie Myer.

Feature Presentation: Skiing the Ice Cap Slam

In May of 2015, Julie Myer and fellow Tacoma Mountaineers Kevin Hornback, Sharon Carlson, Bill Hecker, and Curtis Stahlecker embarked on a 5-day journey to ski traverse the ice cap formed by the Inspiration, Klawatti, and McAllister Glaciers . Along the way, they climbed to the summit of some of Washington's highest and most remote peaks: Austera, Klawatti, Primus, and Dorado Needle. Julie will discuss the planning and preparation that goes into such an epic adventure, and share stories and photos of the beautiful scenery from the trip.

6:30pm Doors Open

7:00pm Meet the Tacoma Mountaineers Presentation

7:40pm Feature Presentation

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