Tacoma Branch Involvement Opportunity

The Tacoma Branch is seeking a new Treasurer! Currently we are looking for someone to work with Liz (the current treasurer) to transition into the role. This will allow observation and participation in the budgeting process this spring so that the new treasurer will be familiar with branch activities and their committees when they take over in the fall.
Michelle Smith Michelle Smith
February 26, 2015
Tacoma Branch Involvement Opportunity

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We are seeking a new Treasurer, who will  have the luxury and pleasure of working with our current Treasurer as he/she transitions into the role!  With her support and training, you will have the chance to observe and participate in this spring's budgeting process so that you  will be familiar with branch activities and their committees  next year! 


  • The Tacoma Branch Treasurer's responsibility is to oversee Branch financial affairs and support activity committees  to ensure sound budgeting and tracking practices are in place that empower our programs to operate effectively and reach the most people possible.


  • The Branch Treasurer is responsible, with the assistance of Branch Chairs and Activity Leaders, for preparing annual budgets and submitting them to Seattle. Once approved by staff, the budgets are submitted by the Treasurer to the Branch Activity Committees

  • Monitor expense and revenue compared to budgets; work with various Committee Chairs and Activity Leaders to ensure committees stay within the budget set for the year.

  • Attend monthly branch council meetings and share relevant financial matters with the Branch Council. Attend the annual Tacoma Branch Council retreat.

Respond to emails from members within 48 hours, assist with reimbursement requests, and address other financial matters to support the branch's operations and reach. 



The current treasurer intends to be available to support the new treasurer in their first year. Mountaineers staff are also available to provide guidance, answer questions, and support the person taking on this critical role in ensuring that our programs are sustainable.


Please  contact the Tacoma Branch Council Chair at scott.davidson@tacomamountaineers.org.  All members with sincere interest and realistic time to commit to this role are encouraged to apply! 

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