Summer Camp Boom Time

A Mountaineer summer camper, crewing on a small sailboat, was struck in the face as the sailboat began to tack.
David Shema David Shema
Safety Chair
June 12, 2016
Summer Camp Boom Time

Sand Point, Lake Washington - Aug 11

[Summer Camp Leader]

While sailing with Sail Sand Point, a Mountaineer summer camper, was struck in the face with a boom while the captain of the boat began a tacking maneuver.

The Captain, also attending summer camp, neglected to call out that he was tacking so the crew could prepare for the boom to swing. Subsequently, the camper was struck in the nose unaware.

We applied ice to relieve the swelling. We continued to ice until she went home for the day. The camper was okay but a little sore.

[Lessons Learned]

We will review with all of our summer campers and Sail Sand Point staff the need to call out any maneuvers or actions that could cause a sudden shift in the vessel or any part of the sail that can cause injury. We will also relate this back to our general discussion of good communication to help us stay safe in the outdoors.


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