Summer Camp 2015: Wild Discovery Week

From August 3rd to August 7th, campers will join us for Wild Discovery Week here at The Mountaineers! We look forward to climbing, kayaking, and hiking up at Wallace Falls with this group of campers!
Adry Gonzalez Adry Gonzalez
August 05, 2015
Summer Camp 2015: Wild Discovery Week

Hello! My name is Adry and I'm the Summer Camp Coordinator. I am so excited to be creating our Summer Camp blog this summer. From July 27-31, the theme here at the Mountaineers will revolve around mountains! I'll be posting daily updates so check back for general information, photos, field trip updates, and daily camp reflections. Click here  any time to see pictures of our adventures! 

Day 5

Today was Choose Your Own Adventure Day! Campers were able to choose from Arts and Crafts, Climbing, and Outdoor Cooking. From friendship bracelets, to fresh blackberry jam, we had a great time working together and having fun. We also cooled down with a game of water balloon volleyball! At the end of the day, we invited parents to meet us for Parent's Day. Campers taught their parents about outdoor cooking, navigation, and first aid. We finished the session with awards and songs!

Day 4

Today was a day of new challenges! The groups here at the facility started teh day off with team building activities. It was awesome to see participants working together. The challenges didn't stop there-- campers learned how to rappell this afternoon! It was awesome to see the groups challenge themselves and tackle a new skill. Ask your camper about their favorite challenge today!




Day 3

This gloomy morning didn't stop the Trailblazers and the Pioneers from kayaking! After a relaxing morning of paddling down at the water, we swam, rappelled, and even played a game of capture the flag! We can't wait to hear about how the Vikings and the Explorers did at Wallace Falls today!


Day 2

Campers worked hard today and helped out at stewardship! We were able to team up with Seattle Parks and Rec. and help new plants grow with some fresh mulch. We encouraged campers to check back in ten years to really see how their hard work paid off!


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