Summer Camp 2015: Mountains Week

From July 27-31, campers will join us for Mountain week here at The Mountaineers. A fitting title for a session of hiking at Rattlesnake Lake and climbing at Exit 38!
Adry Gonzalez Adry Gonzalez
July 28, 2015
Summer Camp 2015: Mountains Week

Hello! My name is Adry and I'm the Summer Camp Coordinator. I am so excited to be creating our Summer Camp blog this summer. From July 27-31, the theme here at the Mountaineers will revolve around mountains! I'll be posting daily updates so check back for general information, photos, field trip updates, and daily camp reflections. Click here  any time to see pictures of our adventures! 

Day 5

Today was a successful day of choose your own adventure! From cooking blackberry pancakes, to rappelling, to a great game of dutch auction (involving dress up and smelling of some really stinky shoes) we really enjoyed having parents come out for the afternoon to learn about what their campers did this week! 

Day 4

Our Vikings and Explores braved the heat today at Exit 38! They were able to harness up and tackle the various cracks and routes during the afternoon. Ask your camper about a challenge they faced and conquered this afternoon. 


Day 3

The Trailblazers and the Pioneers had a great time at Rattle Snake Lake today! The group even learned a little bit about the area they visited. Did you know the watershed supplies 65% of the Seattle region’s unfiltered drinking water to nearly 800,000 people? The campers enjoyed getting their feet wet after a nice hike.  


Day 2

Today was a day of more climbing, stewardship, and water games! The Trailblazers and the Pioneers helped out some new trees at the park and cooled off at the waterfront after all of their hard work. We sure did beat the heat with water games and are looking forward to our first field trip to Rattle Snake Lake tomorrow!


Day 1

We are so excited to get a new group of campers to join in on our summer fun! Yesterday was a day of getting to know the facility, rock walls, and waterfront. Campers enjoyed a day of swimming and also finished the day with skits and songs!