Summer 2019 Kickoff - A Recap of our Membership Party

On June 12, 2019, we partnered with Mountaineering Club to host a summer kickoff party at their new rooftop bar. More than 200 members spent the evening enjoying the panoramic views and planning trips to visit the awe-inspiring landscapes in the distance.
Amber Dygert Amber Dygert
Development Director
June 13, 2019
Summer 2019 Kickoff - A Recap of our Membership Party

On June 12, 2019, we celebrated the beginning of summer with a kick-off party in partnership with Mountaineering Club. More than 200 Mountaineers made their way to the ‘summit’ of the Graduate Hotel - the stunning rooftop bar with panoramic PNW views - to celebrate another great season of our favorite warm-weather activities.

Mountaineers members and their guests had exclusive access to the wraparound rooftop deck, and each guest received a complimentary punch cocktail to begin the night, courtesy of Mountaineering Club. The peaks and waterways in clear view from the building's summit provided fodder for summer trip planning. As one member put it, “It’s hard to NOT get excited about climbing the Brothers when you can see the peaks so clearly from up here!”

Favorite spots for climbing, sea kayaking, sailing, scrambling, hiking, and backcountry skiing were in clear view, giving new and seasoned members stoke for their adventures to come!>

Amid the friendly chatter in the warm breeze, cool drink in hand, Mountaineers Board Director Brynne Koscianski welcomed the crowd and gave thanks for the adventurous and generous members within our community. Donations of time, talents, and dollars empower The Mountaineers to be regional leaders in outdoor education and exploration. And with Mount Rainier to the south, the Olympics to the west, the Cascades to the east, and Mt. Baker to the north, Brynne reminded the crowd how lucky we are to be completely surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful playgrounds. Powerful advocacy from Mountaineers past and present have played an integral role in protecting the landscapes seen in the distance - a feat we’re truly proud of!

As a special surprise, Brynne also announced a new membership benefit to the audience: all members will receive a year-round, 10% discount off of any food or drink purchase at Mountaineering Club! This means that members who weren’t able to attend the kick-off party can take advantage of their views, food, and drinks at a special discount just for Mountaineers. Cheers!

The evening gently concluded as the sun dipped over the horizon and attendees gradually made the descent down the elevator and back to their homes.

We send many thanks to our friends at Mountaineering Club, who generously hosted our group for the evening. You can check out our event photos here and see the fun and the views for yourself. And thanks to all of our incredible members, volunteers, and donors who make The Mountaineers such a rewarding community!

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