Stuck Inside, Youth Edition: Explorer Art Contest Winners

Thank you to all those who submitted entries to the Explorer Art contest. We've gone through the submissions and are ready to announce the winners! Drum roll please...
Katie Love Katie Love
Associate Youth Program Manager
June 07, 2020
Stuck Inside, Youth Edition: Explorer Art Contest Winners

As part of the Stuck Inside blogs, a series designed to keep youth entertained while at home during these times, The Mountaineers announced its first Explorer Art Contest! Participants sent in a piece of art showing what they love about the outdoors. 

We are excited to announce FOUR winners: Abby, Eve, Matilda, and Sukraat! Congratulations!! We enjoyed seeing all the ways you like to explore.

This week has been heavy as thousands of people have protested because they aren't safe indoors or outside because of the color of their skin. Unfortunately, we know that outdoor recreation can also be an unwelcoming space for kids of color. Like Matilda's drawing so masterfully shows, we want to support and create environments where everyone can do anything they want outside. Everyone deserves safety and joy both indoors and outdoors.

The masterpieces

Abby, age 12

"For as long as I can remember I have been climbing whatever I can, from furniture to trees to rocks. For me, climbing is about always going higher and stretching myself to accomplish my goals. It’s also just about fresh air and enjoying the view!"  

Abby Shambaugh_Explorer Art Contest_Climbing!.jpeg

Your tree is stunning and we want to climb it too! You clearly put a lot of artistic thought and effort into the shading and it shows.  We also love your appreciation for enjoying the views and fresh air. Keep climbing!

Eve, age 8

"Camping collage of beautiful mountain views, sunsets, hot drinks, and family time in the tent."

Eve Goldman art contest.jpg

We love the layout of your collage, Eve! The view from a tent is very creative and has us thinking about hunkering down in our backyards for a night of cozy camping. We're excited for you to be camping, soaking in sunrises and sunsets, and enjoying the mountain views again soon!

Matilda, age 12

"I like many different things outside, and I hope that everyone can find a new sport that they enjoy. I choose to use a pencil and paper because I like simplicity in artwork. I choose stick figures because I wanted to show that anyone could do it, regardless of what people say."

Matilda White art contest.jpg

Thank you for reminding us just how many fun things there are for EVERYONE to do outdoors! The composition of your art is so well thought through; you have so many activities here and they fit together well. Excuse us while we go hug a tree!

Sukraat, age 6

"Colorful plants and landscapes galore!

Sukraat art contest.jpg

We love the vibrant colors of this masterpiece and will be on the lookout for similar things outdoors this summer! We have just as much joy looking at this drawing as we do getting outside! You've brightened all our days with this cheerful drawing. 

Congratulations again!

Thank you for participating and we'll catch you next time on Stuck Inside. If you are looking for something to do in the meantime, please check out the Gear Library's mindfulness series. 

The Gear Library Presents: Pause 

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