Start your hiking life in 2021 with the GoHike Beginning Hiking series!

Learn about our GoHike Beginning Hiking series, designed for beginners, returning hikers, and those looking for a low-pressure outdoor community.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
Foothills Hiking Committee Member
January 22, 2021
Start your hiking life in 2021 with the GoHike Beginning Hiking series!

The GoHike: Beginning Hiking Series, opening for registration January 25, is your gateway to breaking through the hurdles that have kept you from realizing your hiking dreams! Join a compatible, low-pressure community that lets you start from where you are.

After our 2020 GoHike series was cancelled, we are excited to debut the program this spring. The series is designed specifically for beginner hikers, those who haven’t been out in a long time, and people who are already comfortable hiking but are seeking a community that focuses on easy, low-pressure hikes in a mutually supportive atmosphere. 

The GoHike series will cover hike preparation, safety, fitness tips, and general knowledge to make hitting the trail less daunting. We'll introduce you to the essentials of hiking, help you set personalized goals month by month, and connect you with a community of fellow hikers.  We welcome aspiring hikers of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes! 

Whether you’re brand new to hiking, new to Northwest hiking, or have been away for a while, this course will meet you where you are and help you find your trail to success.

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The GoHike series will start with an informative virtual orientation session in the evening on Tuesday March 9, then offer a number of COVID-safe "pacing hikes" through the remainder of March. These are to help us determine where you are and what types of hikes we need to offer.

Then our team of leaders  will offer a number of group hikes each month from mid-April through mid-September,  starting with hikes 2-4 miles in length with little elevation gain (under 1,000 feet). As the program continues we will incrementally increase the mileage and gain of the hikes, with a maximum of 8 miles and 2,000 feet of gain to maintain a fun and social pace. We will also continue to offer easier hikes throughout the summer for those hikers who may not feel ready or interested in taking on larger hikes. All activities will follow the latest Covid-19 guidance to keep us all safe.

To graduate from the series, you'll need to complete a simple Low-Impact Recreation video course (to learn how to be a good trail citizen!) and at least 5 hikes through the course of the summer. As the summer goes on, you'll have the opportunity to make strong connections with leaders and fellow students who can become a lifelong community of hiking friends!

Lead image by Cheryl Talbert.

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