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The Mountaineers Explorers year round program is for youth 10-13.
Caitlin O'Brien Caitlin O'Brien
August 01, 2014
Sign up to be an Explorer!
On the way to Comet Falls!

The Mountaineers year round program Explorers is for youth 10-13. Join us to learn how to rock climb, kayak, hike, explore, and other essential outdoor skills! 

The Explorers, run by Youth and Family Coordinator Josh Gannis, will meet 2-3 times a month to try new skills! We choose activities based on what the group is most interested in trying. 

During the 2013-2014 school year the Explorers hiked, rock climbed, went to Mt. Rainier for 3 days, snow shoed, cross country skied, and kayaked. 

This is a great program to get your family outside, trying new things and having fun! Email Josh Gannis at for more information!

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