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We work hard to make our online community a place full of interesting information to help you get outside, find outdoor news, learn tips and tricks, and make you smile. Follow these steps to make sure you get the most out of our Facebook community.
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September 01, 2016
See The Mountaineers In Your Facebook News Feed

If you haven't noticed, Facebook is making all kinds of changes. They say it's to help you see more content from your friends and family (and people who post adorable cat videos) and less posts from community groups like The Mountaineers. This bums us out for all of the reasons, and we're hoping you'll follow these steps to stay connected to our Facebook community:

You should follow us on Facebook because you'll get something out of it. We spend a lot of time curating content to share with you to make your Facebook life better. 

How can I get a dose of The Mountaineers every day?

1. Go to The Mountaineers Facebook page. If you haven't liked us, please click on the "Like" button to make our relationship official. You can do this on  mobile or desktop (except it'll be a button called "Follow" on your cell phone).

2. Click on the down-pointing triangle next to 'Liked' to explore your options. It's probably set to default - but you want to see our information first because. Select 'See First'.

3. If you want to earn extra Peak Pins, select the little "pencil" icon next to 'Notifications'. This will give you even more options to choose what you want to see from us (we think you should select them all just to be safe).

That's it! You get a gold star from us, and the satisfaction of knowing you will get about 28 more opportunities a week to be smarter about the outdoors than everyone you know.

Get started by visiting The Mountaineers on Facebook today. And hey - thanks!


Trust us - you want to follow The Mountaineers on Facebook. We spend a lot of time curating content to share with you to make your life better. We post outdoor news, community stories, trip reports, tips & tricks, pictures, and things to make you smile. Plus our latest courses, activities, events, blogs, AND adorable vintage photos.


Need more reasons? Here you go:

  1. Be in the know when something happens. If a hiker is missing and a rescue is underway, we'll let you know. Meteor shower tonight? We're ON IT! If a couple gets married on South Early Winter Spire we'll let you know that too
  2. Meet your outdoor community. Every Friday we feature a member of our community to share their Mountaineers story through their own lens. We just learned a member of our community hikes with an umbrella. Plus we share all of our community events, making it easy for you to plug in when you want.
  3. Speak up when a recreation issue impacts you. We're engaged at the local and national level to protect your right to recreate in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We can't do it alone though, and offer you opportunities to get involved when it impacts you. 
  4. Get relevant content for your outdoor life. You love the outdoors, or we wouldn't be having this conversation. We promise to post things to woo you even more to love the outdoors, and to help you be safe and responsible when you get out there. Stuff like this.
  5. You're already on Facebook, so why not get news catered to you? Let's be honest - you were on Facebook before you read this and you'll probably hop on it after too. Just make it easy on yourself and let the information come to you. We post 2-3/day and promise not to spam you. 

You know you want to. Hop on the Facebook bandwagon now.


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