Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Feb 2017

Lisa Gadeken is the Seattle Photography Committee featured member for February 2017.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
February 14, 2017
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Feb 2017
View from Kerry Park

Name: Lisa Gadeken
Hometown: Seattle
Member Since: 2009
Occupation: Accountant
Favorite Things to Photograph: nature, wildlife, go-karts

Lisa originally started hiking with The Mountaineers, then learned about the photography committee from several hike leaders. She’d always enjoyed photography, but taking the Mountaineers Basic Photography course was a good way to improve her skills.


When asked what gets her motivated to get outside and take photos, Lisa said, "It used to be hiking, but I haven't been doing much of that lately. Recently, I’ve been photographing go-kart races on the occasional weekend and I love to take photos when I travel."

Lisa's favorite memory from The Mountaineers is all that she learned about photography from the committee. She thinks one of her favorite outings was a snowshoe/photography trip to Mt. Baker.

The natural world is one of my biggest inspirations. I’m also inspired by the beautiful photographs that other Committee members share.

Several of Lisa's photographs were selected by two different employers to hang in the office lobbies, which earned her kudos from co-workers and friends.

I still feel like I'm learning & perfecting my photography, both in-camera and with post-processing.


Note: All images were taken by Lisa Gadeken. Copyright applies.


Attend our monthly potluck, which is the third Wednesday of each month. We socialize and share food, then we have announcements and show photos of what we have seen during the past month or year.

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