Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - July 2017

Herb Johnson is the Seattle photography committee's featured member of the month.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
June 30, 2017
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - July 2017
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Hometown: Seattle Washington
Member Since: 1970
Occupation: Retired Engineer
Favorite Things to Photograph: Mountain scenery

Herb Johnson became involved with the Mountaineers Photography Committee through a friend in 1970. He's seen quite a few changes over the years!

3-Skagit Tulips.jpg

Herb is motivated to get outside and take pictures because we have such great subjects in the Pacific Northwest. His original goal was to document hikes and vacations with interesting images to show others. As time passed, Herb started concentrating more of the art of photography and the technical challenge with cameras and Photoshop.

Herb's favorite memory of the photography committee is his first trip to Mount Rainier. It was to Sunrise and the scenery was as spectacular then as it is today.

His fellow photographers inspires him and he loves to help newbies learn the ins and outs of their camera. Also, Herb finds many of the instructive courses by professional photographers (such as Darell Gulin) to be terrific.

1-Clayton Beach.jpg

Herb has had many prints displayed on the walls of The Mountaineers' buildings in the past. Since it's been a while, his memory about the dates are a bit fuzzy.

Herb's technical knowledge of cameras and software are his strengths. Since he's a retired engineer, he likes to develop and understand the physics of light and the mechanical and electrical workings of cameras and computers. Over time, he has used this knowledge to improve his photographic and editing skills.

Herb has held several positions in the photography committee. He's a great leader and teacher and loves sharing what he knows. He also has a great sense of humor and can easily put visitors at the monthly potlucks at ease.

Photos - copyright by Herb Johnson.


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Anita Elder
Anita Elder says:
Jul 04, 2017 04:28 PM

I met Herb on my very first photo field trip with the Mountaineers. He's a very funny guy and immediately put me at ease. He's also very approachable and his willingness to help others with their camera settings is very apparent.