Seattle Office Under Construction

Our Seattle Program Center staff office will be under construction during the month of August. Learn about the construction schedule and why we're remodeling.
Leann Arend Leann Arend
July 31, 2014
Seattle Office Under Construction

Starting August 1, our Seattle Program Center staff office will be under construction. With an active and growing membership, The Mountaineers staff is expanding too. We are adding a few additional program staff members to assure we're offering the same level of service and support to our increased membership base.

We do not expect, but do anticipate, occasional closures of the bookstore for an hour or less. If you are planning to swing by please call ahead to assure we will be open.

Construction Schedule

Much of our staff has already moved out of the main Book Store/Office into Cascade A, where we will "live" through August 25. We are quite cozy in there - so it's a good thing we all like each other!

Here is the outlined construction schedule as it stands now (as with all things construction, this could change or move once we begin the process):

  • July 31: Staff moving out deadline
  • August 1: Demolition begins
  • August 11: Construction begins
  • August 24: Construction ends
  • August 25: Staff move in day

What's changing?

The offices cubicles were built using beautiful wood salvaged from some of our old club houses. Unfortunately, the permanence of the design made it difficult for us to expand.

We are therefore removing the sheet rock and wood design in favor of more agile cubicle pieces. This will create one extra row of cubicles and free up some space for additional program staffers and interns. 

In a second phase of remodel we will update the former Library area to create a reading room, conference space and additional work stations. This "outdoor hub space" can be used by members, volunteers, summer camp staff, interns, and our friends from fellow outdoor organizations who like to stop by and use our office space from time to time. We will repurpose the wood from the original desks for this space.

The History Committee generously donated their time to sort and catologue our historic library materials and will continue to maintain informal archives at the Seattle Program Center available on request. You can access The Mountaineers formal archive through the UW Special Collections.

What does this mean for you?

Our work will continue as construction is in progress. The program center will be open, and right now we intend to keep our bookstore open during it's normal hours. 

During this time, we may experience intermittent phone outages. If you call and it rings for a long time, or if you get a message saying our offices are closed during normal hours, please leave a message or call back at a later date. For the quickest and most reliable service, the best way to reach us will be by an email to

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