Seattle Mountaineers Photography Committee Upcoming Speaker Series

The Seattle Mountaineers Photography Committee's new speaker series, Behind the Shot, has several upcoming speakers.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
September 25, 2018
Seattle Mountaineers Photography Committee Upcoming Speaker Series

The Seattle Mountaineers Photography Committee is launching a new photo presentation series to celebrate the extraordinary photography adventures our Mountaineers members (and others in the Seattle area) have experienced around the world. We will be hosting these presentations to share photos, videos, and storytelling from the photographers among us.

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Tickets are $10 for Mountaineers members and $15 for the general public.

Scheduled speakers

Birding the Cape York Peninsula in Northeastern Australia

Thomas Bancroft

Oct 24 | 7pm


Tom spent 9 days searching for birds, plants, and wildlife through the remote Cape York Peninsula in Australia. He will be discussing:

  • Planning for a remote trip in a foreign location
  • Camera equipment taken on the trip (and why)
  • Photographs of the various birds at Cape York, including the lens used, camera settings, etc.
  • Audio recordings of the different birds

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Photographing Washington State Parks

Heidi Walker

Feb 9 | 7pm

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Heidi will be presenting on her photography travels around Washington state, where she has been photographing our state parks.

Heidi has been surrounded by art her entire life, with a photographer father and a painter mother. They spent every vacation traveling to National Parks in the US & Canada to capture their beauty. She grew up with the understanding that the outdoors and art go together naturally. Heidi has since shared this understanding through classes offered at The Mountaineers and in private workshops.

Tickets will be on sale December 2019.

The Art of Intentional Travel Photography

David Julian

May 8 | 7pm


David Julian is a Seattle-based photographer, photo-illustrator, speaker, and educator. He divides his time between assignments, cultural travel, workshops, and teaching. He has led many workshops throughout Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Cuba, Sri Lanka, and India. He is also a lead instructor in the photography certificate program at the University of Washington and has taught at the Art Institute and Seattle Creative Academy at SCC. His images and interviews have appeared in Communication Arts, PRINT, NY Times, LA Times, Islands, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Audubon, Rangefinder, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Fujilove, and other arts media. Dave is an official Fuji-X Delegate photographer, and enjoys helping others develop the vision and skills needed to reach their creative goals.

Tickets will be on sale March 2019.

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Anita Elder
Anita Elder says:
Nov 07, 2018 11:42 AM

Date for February event has been changed to Monday, February 4th.