Seattle Alpine Scramble Course

This year's Alpine Scramble Course is open for registration. Learn how to travel off-trail on low or moderately exposed snow and rock terrain. This course will prepare you for pretty much anything.
Nina Crampton Nina Crampton
February 18, 2015
Seattle Alpine Scramble Course
Reaching the summit of Mount Chutla

The 2015  Seattle Alpine Scramble Course is about to kick off with two workshops. March 2nd in Seattle and March 10th in Redmond. This excellent Mountaineering Course will prepare you for pretty much everything.

Scrambling bridges the gap between hiking and climbing. In the Basic Alpine Course, we teach you how to travel safely on snow and rock, how to arrest with your ice ax, use Navigation to go off route, and read terrain to get to a summit. You'll get in great shape for our Basic Climbing or Glacier Travel Courses, or achieve some of those summits you've had your heart set on. Sign up is easy

Any questions please contact either Nina or Kirk at .

We look forward to seeing you off the trails!