Reminder: Vote in our 2016 Elections by Oct 21

This October, we're voting for new Board Directors and updated Board Bylaws. And our Everett Branch members are voting on officers and governance. As a nonprofit, your vote counts! Vote now!
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October 18, 2016
Reminder: Vote in our 2016 Elections by Oct 21

The Mountaineers have been a volunteer-led organization for 110-years. We depend on volunteer initiative and leadership to run our programs. We're grateful for the service that all board members and branch leadership provide, and are humbled by how much they devote to our mission. As a member, your participation in our election process is valuable!


Voting opened on Saturday, October 1 and will close on Friday, October 21. All active members and children over age 14 are eligible to vote. Duplicate votes will not be counted. 


The Mountaineers sent all members an electronic ballot on October 1 (note: we've discovered that email addresses often block our digital voting links. If you want to assure your participation, please update your email with us to be something other than Comcast). If you're a member in good standing and you did NOT receive an email from us, please check your  junk mail or spam folders. If you can't find it, use this button to access the ballot: 

Vote now

By mail

Mail-in votes will also be accepted if received before October 21. Send your votes to:


The Mountaineers - BOARD ELECTION
7700 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115


What we're voting on

The Mountaineers Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of candidates to the membership for consideration in the upcoming Board of Directors elections: Evy Dudey, Martina Kozar, Steve McClure, John Ohlson, and Steve Yi. Meet the candidates.

The Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors believe the candidates are the best slate for at-large directors for 2016. Each of these candidates is eager to serve The Mountaineers, and possesses the professional skills and personal commitment needed to further The Mountaineers' mission. 

Nominations were taken from the floor at the Annual Meeting on September 20 (and no names were put forward). 

This year, the Everett Branch has aligned its branch election timeline to coincide with that for the Board of Directors.  Ballots will allow Everett members to vote in both elections. Learn more about the Everett Branch Candidates and issues by clicking here!


There are also amendments to the organization-wide bylaws that are being proposed and must be approved by the membership. In sum, they are updates to reflect the 1) renaming of president-elect to vice president; 2) establishment of a new director/officer position of vice president of branches; 3) renaming of the Executive Director to CEO; 4) anticipated dissolution of the nominating committee; and 5) establishment of the governance committee. The amendments were presented and then endorsed to the board at the May 2016 meeting of the board. you can review them at this link here

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