Register For Fall After-School Programs in Olympia, Seattle, & Tacoma - Sep 22-Dec 18

Is your child craving social activities and needing engagement outside of your home? Sign them up for after-school programs full of outdoor fun with The Mountaineers!
Hannah Tennent Hannah Tennent
Youth Outreach Coordinator
September 03, 2020
Register For Fall After-School Programs in Olympia, Seattle, & Tacoma - Sep 22-Dec 18

As youth throughout our community head back to school remotely this fall, The Mountaineers are excited to offer in-person after-school programs in Olympia, Seattle, and Tacoma. Join us one afternoon a week throughout the fall for some screen-free fun and the chance to socialize, climb, and learn in a small group environment!

After-school programs

Our programs are centered around values that have become increasingly important to us this year: outdoor skills, positive human relationships, and safety. Outdoor play is proven to be healthy for us at every age, and we are excited to provide the opportunity learn, play, and grow together this fall.

Each after-school program is designed to be as safe as possible and is unique to The Mountaineers branch that houses it. Activities will primarily be held outdoors and adhere to all Washington state COVID-19 guidelines. They will give young explorers the opportunity to learn in a community setting, meet new friends, and practice their outdoor skills while hopefully also providing caregivers with a few hours of childcare. 

Each program will focus on outdoor skill development and creative exploration. Depending on your home branch, your child will be practicing their climbing, discovering local beaches or parks, making nature artwork, and tying new knots! 

As things continue to change this fall, The Mountaineers are excited to offer these new programs to youth in order to meet a community need. Covid-19 has kept us inside and separated for much of this year, and after-school programs offer a way for us to once again spend quality time together. We hope to see you after school! 


Join The Mountaineers for 3-week-long themed after-school sessions! Youth can sign up for one (or two! Or four!) sessions and join us one day per week at the Seattle Program Center in Magnuson Park. Themes range from climbing and outdoor survival skills to nature art and the Pacific Northwest ecosystem. Programs run for two hours with a small group of other adventurous kiddos of similar ages.



After-School Climbing Club is a small group that meets one day a week in the afternoon at the Tacoma Mountaineers Program Center. This group primarily will work on rock climbing on our outdoor climbing wall, but will also learn rope skills such as belaying, rappelling, prusiking, knots, and other general outdoor skills as well. 




After-School Adventure Club is a small group that meets one day a week in the afternoon at the Olympia Friends Meeting Hall. Each week we will enjoy an outdoor adventure such as hiking at Priest Point Park, exploring the nearby beach, and learning a variety of outdoor skills including navigation, outdoor cooking, Leave No Trace, and much more. 


blog photo.jpgJump into fall after-school programs with just as much enthusiasm as this camper jumping off the bouldering wall! Photo by Chewie mccracken.

Support Youth Programs 

We know this year has been financially difficult for many families, and finding ways to keep children connected has been more challenging than ever. 

The Mountaineers is committed to supporting our families with programs designed to provide positive outdoor experiences for our region's youth and ensuring they are accessible to all. If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation in support of our youth programs. Thank you! 

Main image by Summer Camp Staff. Campers during Seattle's 2020 Summer Camp play on the North Slabs at the Program Center.