Register for Winter 2024 After-School Programs in Seattle

Is your child interested in learning more about climbing and developing their outdoor skills? Register them for action-packed, After-School programs at The Mountaineers!
Claire Munro Claire Munro
Associate Camps Program Manager
October 30, 2023
Register for Winter 2024 After-School Programs in Seattle
Youth participant at the Seattle Program Center. Photo by Mountaineers Staff.

With the school year well underway and the weather getting wetter here in the PNW, kids are ready to bounce off the walls with all their pent-up energy, which we all know can cause some… challenges for caregivers. But fear not! The Mountaineers are excited to announce our Seattle youth After-School programs are back with seven-week sessions starting in the new year.

Kids will be able to channel their energy into our outdoor recreation based program that features lots of climbing, bouldering, and outdoor-oriented activities, games, and crafts. Participants will also be introduced to rappelling (self-descent, or as one youth participant described, “what spies do when they jump off buildings”) and while they won’t be jumping off buildings quite yet, they will get a chance to learn the basics on our indoor climbing walls. 

Come join us for two hours after school, once a week at our Seattle Program Center in Magnuson Park so your kids can move their bodies and hang out with other young Mountaineers. Our After-School programs are open to youth of all experience levels and are recommended for kids interested in learning more about climbing and building their outdoor skills. 

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Registration for Seattle winter After-School sessions will open November 1, 2023 at 9am. Sessions start the first week of January and run once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays for seven consecutive weeks. Tuesdays are open for youth ages 6-8 and Thursdays are open for youth ages 9-11. We are changing our age ranges due to past low registration in the older age groups. If there is enough interest in having the older age group, we will add it back into our spring programs. Please contact Claire Munro if you have any questions or comments. 

If you can’t join us this winter, we will offer similar programs in the spring. Keep an eye on our After-School landing page and calendar for more information. Registration for spring sessions will open in January.

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