Queer Mountain School at The Mountaineers

The Mountaineers Youth Programs are partnering with OutThere Adventures to empower queer youth in the outdoors! Queer Mountain School, an 8-month series of Mountain Workshops, will give LGBTQ youth and allies the opportunity to explore, grow, and find community.
Emily Carraux Emily Carraux
April 27, 2016
Queer Mountain School at The Mountaineers

Youth programs at The Mountaineers are constantly evolving and growing (sometimes it’s hard to keep up!), and a huge part of that evolution comes from our commitment to partnering with other youth serving organizations to get more kids into the outdoors.  

We work with local schools, community centers, homeless youth shelters, and many other stellar organizations to reach youth who may not otherwise have the opportunity to explore wild places. We invite them to challenge their limits and enjoy some good old fashioned adventures in our beautiful part of the world.

Recently, The Mountaineers began a partnership with OutThere Adventures, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower queer young people through their connection with the natural world. What started as vibrant discussion about how The Mountaineers can support and collaborate with OTA on creating positive change for LGBTQ youth, led to an 8 month series of workshops named Queer Mountain School.

We’re excited to announce the workshops are officially up and running! To date, The Mountaineers youth programming has facilitated two Mountain Workshops with OTA youth in which kids learned the basics of climbing, participated in team challenges, engaged in amazing conversations about identity and the outdoors, and connected with a community of their peers and outdoor leaders who can support their journey as queer youth.

As we move into the spring and summer months, other Queer Mountain School workshops will cover more advanced climbing skills (Exit 38 here we come!), kayaking, wilderness first aid through an LGBTQ focus, challenge hikes, navigation,  back country preparedness, and more. The workshops are open to all queer young people and allies ages 14 to 22, free of cost. The next workshop will be Sunday, May, 8 at the Seattle Program Center's outdoor rock wall. No experience required, just the desire to get OUT there!

If you are interested in learning more or volunteering with The Queer Mountain School, e-mail Emilyc@mountaineers.org or visit the OutThere Adventures website at  for more info. 

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