Play Safe: Recreating in Bear Country with David Moskowitz - June 29

Learn how to share the backcountry with bears. Moskowitz's expert tips will be accompanied by beer and berries. Don't miss this free event!
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May 18, 2016
Play Safe: Recreating in Bear Country with David Moskowitz - June 29

Washington’s North Cascades are home to thousands of black bears and fewer than twenty grizzly bears. Knowing how to play safe in bear country is as important as bringing a first aid kit and appropriate clothing for your adventure.

As omnivores, black bears and grizzlies are more opportunistic when searching for food than carnivores, which means they're more attracted to fragrant human items like food, toothpaste, and trash. This means you need to practice safe travel in bear country. Many methods are commonplace like hiking in groups and properly disposing of trash. Others may be less known or understood like bear spray and bear-resistant food containers.

To learn all this and more, join David Moskowitz on June 29  at The Mountaineers' Seattle Program Center. Attendance is free!

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About David

David’s work as a biologist, photographer, author, and mountaineering and tracking instructor have brought him into close quarters with large mammals across the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, the Canadian Rockies and central Europe. 

He'll discuss how to distinguish grizzly bears from black bears, explaining differences in their appearance, behavior, tracks and signs. Other topics will include:

  • bear spray
  • food storage lockers 
  • bear-resistant food containers
  • the importance of a clean campsite
  • food storage regulations 
  • bears and different recreational activities including mountain biking

Staff from Western Wildlife Outreach, Conservation Northwest, and the North Cascades National Park will also be on hand to answer questions and provide information about living and recreating in bear country. 

Doors Open at 6pm, Event starts at 7pm.