Photography Road Trip to SW Washington

A recent Photography Committee activity got us outdoors exploring the southwest quadrant of our beautiful Washington state.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
July 29, 2016
Photography Road Trip to SW Washington
View of the Columbia River and Mt. Hood

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I lead photography trips that have minimal walking until I get my knees replaced (which should happen in the next year!).

It was a gorgeous weekend for a road trip with sunny skies and warm weather as we departed Seattle on our journey to explore the natural beauty of southwest Washington. 

We headed east on I-90 and stopped in Ellensburg at Olmstead Place State Park. This park used to be a homestead and farm, with many buildings still standing. As a naturelist, I loved visiting this place with it's beautiful gardens, fruit trees and wildlife! While photographing flowers in the garden, I was delighted to see hummingbirds dart in and out of the gladiolas. I also saw rabbits scurrying across  the field near the old barn.

We left Ellensburg and headed south on I-82 towards Yakima with a quick stop in Zillah to photograph an odd building called the Teapot Dome. This building was moved and preserved at it's current location, but was built as a gas station in  1922 and was named for the scandal during Warren Harding's presidency. 

Teapot Dome

Pressing on, we made it to Maryhill State Park, our destination for the night. After setting up camp and having a potluck dinner, some of us drove to the Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial for night shots. Others went across to Oregon to Box Canyon for a difference perspective.

While at the Stonehenge, I spent several minutes watching the chipmunks resting on rocks on the bluff. The view of the Columbia River and Mt. Hood (in Oregon) were breath-taking and it only got better as the sun started to set! I don't know what was running in the other participants' minds, but as I gazed over the amazing scenery, I reflected on the beautiful world in which we live and how fortunate I was to still get outside and enjoy it!

Maryhill Stonehenge

Bob's Java JiveOn the way home, heading up I-5, there was a stop in Tacoma to Bob's Java Jive, another unique looking building. As luck would have it, the caretaker invited me inside (it doesn't open until 8pm) and gave me the history of the place. Nirvana got kicked out of it (before they hit it big), it used to have monkeys in it, and many actors from the TV show, Sons of Anarchy, still frequent the club.

If you would like to join the Photography Committee on a future activity, we would love to have you! Getting outdoors doesn't always mean hiking/climbing in the mountains...the point is to get outside and enjoy the beauty around us!

Upcoming Activities:

  • Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire - Photograph people in renaissance costumes, along with pirates, fairies, and more.
  • Govan Schoolhouse - Overnight trip near Grand Coulee to photography an abandoned schoolhouse/ghost town under the night sky, with stops at Dry Falls and Leavenworth.

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Anita Elder
Anita Elder says:
Aug 04, 2016 11:40 AM

Note: The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire has been cancelled since not enough people signed up for the day trip.