Packing for Meany – A Beginners Guide

A DIY guide on how to pack successfully for a weekend at Meany Lodge.
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December 10, 2016
Packing for Meany – A Beginners Guide

While tenured Meanyites know how to pack for a weekend of fun in about 3 minutes flat (hint: after unpacking, do laundry & re-pack immediately), we often see first time visitors struggle. Here’s a rule of thumb & a few specific pointers:

Assume you’re packing for a 3 mile hike and a weekend camping trip. you’ll want:

  • Sleeping bag – a summer down bag is probably fine. No need to worry about mattresses or pillows, both are provided.
  • Clothing – be realistic, you don’t need a new outfit every day. An extra piece of each should be plenty for the weekend, even for kids – sink laundry is always an option for those prone to getting muddy. If you want luxury, bring slippers.
  • Toiletries – go minimal. Toothbrushes for all are good. Still running out of space? Share a single quick dry towel with your significant other, leaving both the hair dryer & monogramed Egyptian cotton bath towels home.
  • Food & Drinks – Meals & Snacks are provided, but you’re on your own for that special beverage. Parents – we encourage you to take the opportunity to teach kids to be flexible with food. We’ve never had a kid starve yet, and are multiple generations in.
  • Books & Toys – Skis & sleds make a lot of sense, as do board/party games and that favorite book.

What not to bring:

  • Movies, electronic games, tablets, laptops or portal video players – Most look to Meany as a way to escape technology. You, or your kid, watching that favorite show can be very intrusive, and we ask that you leave even educational electronics at home.

In general, the amount of gear you have should easily fit into a reasonably sized backpack, with a simple duffle for loose odds & ends. We don’t really do recommendations, but REI's Roadtripper Duffel (previously known as the classic) is a frequently seen bag.

Why does your packing matter to us?  

We try our best to keep TomCat running (our snow cat), but even it buckles under a heavy load and has the tendency to break down periodically. Should that happen, the last thing you want to be carrying three miles backcountry on snow are suitcases, paper/plastic bags or crates.


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Angela Krisinger
Angela Krisinger says:
Dec 16, 2016 05:10 PM

Great points, Kevin! We are hoping to do our first trip to Meany this season!