Outdoor Enthusiasts Take The Hill

Last month The Mountaineers took part in a huge group effort to visit the other Washington to advocate on behalf of outdoor enthusiasts.
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
May 17, 2016
Outdoor Enthusiasts Take The Hill

The Mountaineers is proud to be one of the member organizations making up the Outdoor Alliance,  a group working to unite the voices of outdoor recreation advocates, including backcountry skiers, paddlers, climbers, and mountain bikers. Last month we were in DC advocating for your public lands and waters. 

By Tania Lown-Hecht. Reposted with permission from Outdoor Alliance.

Last week, Outdoor Alliance coordinated with The Conservation Alliance and Outdoor Industry Association to have almost 100 outdoor advocates and business executives meet in DC to advocate for public lands. Over three days, we attended trainings, met to discuss outdoor policy, and took to the Hill to discuss outdoor recreation policy and conservation with lawmakers from across the country. This was a historic gathering of leaders in the outdoor world and included the executive directors of Access FundAmerican WhitewaterIMBAWinter Wildlands AllianceThe Mountaineers, and American Alpine Club; as well as leaders from Osprey PacksREIPatagoniaColumbiaBrooklyn BouldersKlean KanteenSuperFeet, among others.

Collectively, this crew of outdoor activists had over 125 meetings with lawmakers across the country, including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, West Virginia, Utah, and Arkansas. We also met with staff at the Forest Service, Department of the Interior, and the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality.

What’s on the agenda when leaders in the outdoor world sit down with lawmakers in DC? Some of our biggest priorities included:

While the outdoor community is large and powerful, last week’s summit was a historic effort to coordinate these passionate forces on policy issues that matter to the entire community. Last week’s meetings were an unprecedented gathering of outdoor activists, advocates, and businesses and a show of force from the outdoor community.

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