Opt To Act This Black Friday

#OptOutside and Opt To Act. In a time when we must come together to protect the places we play, we are standing with REI to get outside, put the work gloves on, and be the stewards our public lands deserve.
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October 31, 2019
Opt To Act This Black Friday

Since 2015, REI has closed its stores on Black Friday, paying their employees to #OptOutside instead. At The Mountaineers, we couldn't love the idea more. Our employees have always enjoyed the day after Thanksgiving as a vacation day, and two paid stewardship days each year to take care of their favorite places to play. We believe going outside is not just good for your health - but good for your soul. 

This year, REI is asking the outdoor community to do more than just get outside on Black Friday, and we agree that we can all step up and take care of our public lands. We need to be good stewards of our outdoor spaces to protect and enjoy the places we love and ensure future generations have the same opportunities to do so. 

Check out these activities to get out and give back this Thanksgiving: 

Mountaineers Activities & Stewardship

As a 113-year old, volunteer-led community, we have a long history of choosing adventure. Our volunteer leaders want to help you #OptOutside this Thanksgiving weekend. We have opportunities for you to hike, scramble, snowshoe, and give back. Click the green button to see our current activity listings, and remember to check back as we're listing new ways to get outside all the time.

November 29 - December 2 Activities

And remember, if you have a guest in town for the holiday they can create a free guest member account to #OptOutside with you. 

Close to Home

Not feeling like going too far after all the potatoes and stuffing? We get it. Our Urban Trails book series, written by the award-winning author Craig Romano, will surely offer somewhere close to home to explore. Guides for Tacoma, Everett, and the Eastside are some of newest editions.

Opt to act 

The WTA, one of our Stewardship Partners, will be hosting two work parties on November 29. Keep the Little Mountain trails looking good, or sign up for the Mount Walker "Gravy Burner." 

Remember, any day of stewardship work you do will earn you a Mountaineers stewardship credit, required for graduation from many of our courses. If you're interested in equivalency, reach out to our Member Services Team. This is a great opportunity to get out there, give back, and get credit for that climbing course you just signed up for.630e5041-c0a6-40bc-8a62-fbf355a26ea5.png



If you get outside over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we encourage you to share your photos with us online using the #OptOutside hashtag in conjunction with our Mountaineers hashtag #OurPNW. Use it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and we will share our favorites in the weeks after the holiday. 

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Jim French
Jim French says:
Nov 29, 2019 05:48 PM

What a great idea!! Congratulations Mountaineers, you're leading by example and we should all be following closely. The care of our public lands deserves everyone's attention.