Operation: Lost & Found in Olympic National Park

A Michigan native recently visited our beautiful state and lost her camera. She desperately wants it - and her family vacation photos - back. Learn how you can help, and be handsomely rewarded.
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
August 22, 2014
Operation: Lost & Found in Olympic National Park

Have you lost something lately? We all know the feeling, and it's the worst. Post about lost items in your Trip Reports on our Routes & Places so the next people heading to the area will know to keep an eye out. If you're heading to the Olympics soon, please consider this request from an outdoor adventurer in the Midwest. 

The Challenge

This is an ultimate scavenger hunt! We were contacted by Karin, a Michigan Native, to help recover the memories from her family vacation. She recently visited Olympic National Park with her husband and two boys. While atop the Storm King Trail in Olympic National Park, the family camera fell out of her husband's pocket. Karin desperately wants the camera - and the family vacation photos - returned to her.

Karin's camera is somewhere near Lake Crescent. If you find it and mail the camera and it's contents to Karin in Michigan, not only will you have earned major karma points, but you will be handsomely rewarded.

The camera

Nikon Coolpix S8000. It was in a small black padded case which may not be all that black anymore! It's a pretty dusty trail. Photos would include 2 teenaged boys, lots of Olympic Ntl Park and Mt. Rainier. Might be some earlier ones with a black dog, black & white cat, and striped cat.

Karin's Camera 2

The Trail

Karin's family was hiking along Storm King Trail. It's an offshoot of Marymere Falls Trail, from the Storm King Visitor Center at Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. The hike is strenuous.

The Possible Location

From Karin: After all of the switchbacks, you get to a rocky outcrop where the trail heads straight up, with a rope to help you scramble. There are two more ropes above it before you reach a narrow ledge. Then the trail to the main lookout over the lake goes off to the left. You can also go off to the right, where my son said "it gets all crazy." The camera could be along any of the rope areas, by the main lookout, or most likely in this area off to the right. I'm guessing someone would have found it in the other areas by now because they are more heavily traveled.

Camera Location

The Reward

$100 (+ return shipping costs) and Karin's undying gratitude. "Because you rock," she said.

Bring on the Benjamins

Find it?

and let her know! Her excitement over the possibility of a Mountaineer being her knight in shining armor is palpable. 

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