Olympia Branch Looking for Hike Leaders

The Olympia Branch is in need of more hike leaders, and it's easier than you think! Check out the perks of the gig, and learn how you can get more involved.
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January 22, 2018
Olympia Branch Looking for Hike Leaders

Whether you're an active hike leader looking for new ways to get out,  an inactive hike leader who would like to become more active, or a member member who would like to become a hike leader, we need you! By leading hikes, you have an opportunity to develop your skills, go on the hikes you want at the pace you prefer - all while benefiting your club and meeting great new people!

The Olympia Branch is currently recruiting hike leaders. You can become involved and help your fellow Mountaineers in one of three ways:

  • Lead a hike of your choice to expand our offerings for local exploration
  • Lead hikes for the Conditioning Hiking Series Course (where we list progressively challenging hikes weekly May-October)
  • Become and assistant leader if you are not yet ready to lead the hike but want to get out and be involved

If you lead more than 5 hikes a year, you get access to a slew of Volunteer Benefits, and even leading one hike you will be giving the gift of outdoor memories in our beautiful Pacific Northwest!

If you are a new leader or you've been inactive in leading hikes for a while, you can get a refresher on the website for listing and managing hikes, and find answers to any other questions you may have about leading hikes. Here are two other great resources for you:

  1. Attend the The Essentials of Outdoor Leadership Course
  2. Get out as an assistant leader with different experienced leaders. Contact Donna Kreuger to find out how. 

To step up your hiking game, contact Donna Kreuger (Co-Chair, Olympia Hiking & Backpacking Committee). She can provide individual assistance on becoming a hike leader or refreshing your skills in navigating the Mountaineers website resources.

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