Olympia Branch Hiking and Backpacking Set For A Great Summer

Our Olympia branch Hiking and Backpacking Committee has been very busy with the summer season. We've adopted the new clubwide hiking and backpacking minimum standards and welcome Monty Pratt as a new member of the Hiking and Backpacking Committee.
Donna Kreuger Donna Kreuger
Olympia Hike Leader & Super Volunteer
July 01, 2018
Olympia Branch Hiking and Backpacking Set For A Great Summer
Group Hike with Monty Pratt.

Welcome to summer and all that it entails! At the Olympia Hiking & Backpacking committee, we've been very busy gearing up for summer. Learn what's new and say hello to Monty Pratt (pictured above, left), our newest committee member!

The hiking and backpacking committee strives to offer hikes each month that appeal to all hiking interests. You can find FamilyHikes, Mid-week Hikes, Urban Adventures, Naturalist Hikes, Conditioning Hikes, Backpacking and hikes that range from easy to strenuous.

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As of May 16, 2018, the Club wide Minimum Standards for Hiking and Backpacking have been updated and adopted by hike and backpack leaders of the Olympia Chapter.

Updated Standards

Meet Our Committee MEmbers

Welcome Monty Pratt

We are taking this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our roles within the Hiking and Backpacking Committee. Please join us in welcoming Monty Pratt who is joining our committee and will focus on supporting the backpacking group. 

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Monty joined The Mountaineers is 2008 in the Foothills Branch and quickly became involved with the Backpacking group. While at the Foothills branch, Monty was instrumental in developing the B3 Backpacking training course and leadership development programs. Monty holds the 2016 Foothills Branch Service Award and Super Volunteer designation. He has graduated Basic Alpine Scramble, Basic Sailing, Backcountry Snowshoe, and other courses. Monty’s primary focus will be as a resource for our branch’s Backpack leaders.  

Also on the hiking and Backpacking Committee:

Carla Jonientz, our Co-Chair, has been an active member of the Mountaineers since 1985. Carla has been Branch Chair and Social Chair. She is on numerous committees and holds the 2015 Branch Service Award and Super Volunteer designation. She has taken the Basic Climbing course, Basic Sea Kayak Course as well as other courses. She leads hikes, backpacks and snowshoe trips for the club. Carla most recently has focused on developing the Olympia branch family hiking and expanding the mid-week hikes program.

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Donna Kreuger, Co-Chair, has been active with the Olympia branch since 2013. She has been Social Chair and holds the Super Volunteer designation. Donna has graduated the Basic Alpine Scramble course, Backpacking, Basic Snowshoe, Outdoor Leadership Course and others. Donna developed the Conditioning Hiking Series Course for the Olympia Branch and leads hike, backpack and snow trips for the club.

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Dee Ann Kline, Naturalist Committee Member, joined The Mountaineers in 2007. She is our branch’s current Social Chair and holds Super volunteer designation. She is an instructor in the Mountaineering Oriented First Aid course, has taken basic navigation, wilderness skills, and Conditioning Hiking Series courses. Dee Ann is on numerous committees and leads hikes and naturalist hikes for the club. 

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