Olympia Branch Stewardship Advocacy

On February 24, volunteers from the Olympia Branch represented The Mountaineers as part of the "Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition" to promote "the importance of our state’s outdoor recreation sector in enhancing Washington’s economy and its reputation for healthy and active living."
Chris Williams Chris Williams
February 24, 2015
Olympia Branch Stewardship Advocacy

Olympia Branch Members Jim French, Greg Lovelady, Ginger Sarver, Richard Geier, Carla Jonientz, Mike Riley, Regina Robinson, Curt Rosler, and John Sisco  took it upon themselves to make sure that The Mountaineers' presence was felt with our state legislators at the Big Tent Rally Day on February 24th, 2015. The Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition is an umbrella organization formed to highlight the importance of our state’s outdoor recreation sector in enhancing Washington’s economy and its reputation for healthy and active living. Our Olympia Branch volunteers "did us proud!"

Capital building lobby

Big Tent Rally Day

The coalition organized this day to bring attention to the importance of the economic impact of outdoor recreation in Washington State. Along with the other members of the coalition, The Mountaineers put up a table at the Legislative Building to meet with legislators and other policy makers, as well as participated in press conferences, meetings with lawmakers, and providing testimony related to issues of particular interest to the coalition. 

Mountaineers Table

Here's how the primary driver of Olympia's efforts, Jim French, thanked the people who volunteered to make this day possible for The Mountaineers: 

Oh My Goodness, What a Great Day. I can't thank everyone enough for your participation and the enthusiasm you demonstrated for Outdoor Recreation during the Big Rally Day at the State Capitol earlier today.  It was such a pleasure to be with you and to meet others who have a similar passion for the natural world and have the willingness to spend the day advocating, testifying and schmoozing for outdoor recreation. Now that I know how much effort goes into championing the great outdoors, I’ll never take for granted how blessed we are to have such unlimited access to world class hiking, backpacking, scrambling, climbing, paddling and simply enjoying the Pacific Northwest.
I wish I had taken more photos. I am glad I got one with Regina who spent the entire day bursting with passion. Thank you all for your time and effort...Let’s do this again next year or as soon as the Big Tent goes up again. -  Jim

Big Tent Coalition Rally Day Table

Thank you OLYMPIA, for your efforts in working to preserve and promote the benefits of our natural spaces in Washington state! 

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