Olympia Basic Alpine Climbing 2023 Updates

The Olympia Climbing Committee continues to build the program to meet the needs of students, instructors, and leaders. Learn more about recent changes.
Julie Dasso Julie Dasso
Olympia Basic Alpine Climbing Chair
October 24, 2022
Olympia Basic Alpine Climbing 2023 Updates
Julie Dasso, 3rd from left, with 2022 Basic Climbing Grads.

When climbing courses were canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Olympia Basic Alpine Climbing Committee began incorporating new virtual educational methods into the program. Learn more about how these changes will be applied to our course moving forward, and how you can get involved. 

the Covid Era 

By automating the Basic Alpine Climbing Course into Google Classroom, we were able to put all videos, field demonstrations, and quizzes online. The content did not change, but the format, which we will continue to offer, gives students greater flexibility in studying the course materials. There were also downsides to an entirely virtual format. While the virtual tools filled the gap when course participants could not meet in person, the students lost out on community building and the ability to practice skills with instructors.

Despite the limitations posed by COVID restrictions, 10 out of 23 of the 2022 students completed graduation requirements while 8 out of 23 requested a second year to complete co-requisites. 8 second-year students from the 2021 Compressed Basic Alpine Climbing course also graduated in 2022. 

2023 Basic Alpine Climbing Program

In 2023, climbing students will be returning to the classroom where they will learn how to climb, best practice theories, avalanche awareness, risk mitigation, mountain weather hazards, the Halo effect, and more.  

2023 students will also focus on physical conditioning.  Although students need to be in condition by the time the course starts, they will be encouraged to go on as many conditioning hikes as possible. As part of the 2023 course, numerous conditioning hikes are available from January through April of 2023. Learn more:


Climbing Conditioning hikes

Developing Climbing Leaders

The Basic Alpine Climbing Course could not be possible without the dedication of many volunteers and instructors. Our committee is actively working to build the pool of Olympia Branch Climb Leaders, by collaborating with branch and club-wide leaders to help aspiring climb leaders navigate the process to becoming a climb leader. We are also working on ways to soften the financial barriers.

Learn more 

Those interested in the Olympia Basic Alpine Climbing Program can contact Olympia Basic Alpine Climbing Chair Julie Dasso. 

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