Nominate an Outstanding Leader for the Olympia Branch Service Award

Now is the time to nominate an outstanding Olympia Mountaineers leader for the 2021 Branch Service Award.
Dee Ann Kline Dee Ann Kline
Olympia Branch Super Volunteer
June 01, 2021
Nominate an Outstanding Leader for the Olympia Branch Service Award

Our volunteer leaders are a huge part of what makes the Olympia Branch such an inspiring, fun, and impactful community. Each year we honor the hard work and dedication of one Olympia volunteer by presenting them with the Branch Service Award. To help with this process, we ask our branch members to submit nominations for those they believe go above and beyond their volunteer responsibilities to enhance the courses, activities and spirit of The Mountaineers.

Think about your fellow Mountaineers and the impact they have had on the chapter.  What activities do they participate in? What leadership and training roles are they involved in?  What are their contributions to both new students and long term members?

Do they mentor and coach?  How have they inspired your or helped you reach your goals and dreams?

If you have someone in mind, we want to know!  Submit their  name to Rich Irwin via email or through the button below by July 5, 2021. If using email, please include "Service Award Nomination" in the subject line.

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  • Why you nominated this person.
  • Why they are an outstanding leader.
  • A description of their sustained long-term service to the Olympia Branch.
  • Any important contributions they have made to The Mountaineers.