New Releases: September 1, 2020

Fresh books hot off the press! Northwest Trees, 2nd Edition, by Stephen Arno, Dragons in the Snow by Ed Power, Winter 8000 by Bernadette McDonald, This Land of Snow by Anders Morley.
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September 01, 2020
New Releases: September 1, 2020

New Releases: September 1, 2020

We are so excited to show off our latest new releases! Learn all about Northwest trees, travel across Canada on skis, dig into avalanche science and stories, and read about some of the most heartbreaking and dangerous feats in mountaineering history.

NW Trees

Northwest Trees, 2nd Edition 
by Stephen Arno & Ramona Hammerly
No other guide duplicates Arno and Hammerly’s blend of expertise and visual artistry. Covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and north into Canada, they identify and illustrate more than 60 species of indigenous Northwestern trees by characteristic shape, size, needles or leaves, and cones or seeds. This essential guide includes an easy-to-use illustrated identification key based on the most reliable and non-technical features of each species, the ecology and human history associated with all Northwest trees, and 185 exceptionally accurate drawings as well as historical photos.

An essential companion for the amateur tree fan and a valuable source of information for the professional. - Jerry Franklin, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington



Dragons in the Snow - Avalanche Detectives and the Race to Beat Death in the Mountains
by Ed Power
An in-depth look at the research and science behind avalanche forecasting and rescue, the art of backcountry skiing, and the dramatic tales of avalanche accidents, rescues, and recoveries. The tales told by these avalanche forecasters, as well as the stories of the backcountry riders who may "wake the dragon" make for not just a compelling read, but also a powerful tool for raising avalanche awareness in everyone who plays in the winter backcountry.

In Dragons in the Snow, Ed Power has captured the beauty, the science, the romance, and the perils of backcountry skiing, as well as the passionate commitment of the men and women who analyze avalanches and educate skiers about the importance of preparation for traversing mountain slopes.
- Bill Marimow, Pulitizer Prize winner and former Editor in Chief of The Philadelphia Inquirer



Winter 8000 - Climbing the World's Highest Mountains in the Coldest Season
by Bernadette McDonald
The stories within Winter 8000 range from the French climber Elisabeth Revol's solo winter attempt of Makalu, to American Cory Richards and his dramatic effort on Gasherbrum II with famed Italian alpinist Simone Moro and Kazakh hard man Denis Urubko. McDonald's many personal relationships with profiled climbers and her ability to tap into emotions and family histories lend Winter 8000 an intimacy too often lacking in mountaineering stories.

In Winter 8000, Bernadette McDonald demonstrates once more her essential contribution to mountaineering history. With vividness and keen insight, she evokes a world that few experience firsthand: the landscapes of black ice, thin air, and searing cold--as well as the haunting inner realms of people drawn to the isolation of the highest peaks and the darkest months.
 — Katie Ives, Editor in Chief, Alpinist



This Land of Snow - A Journey Across the North in Winter
by Anders Morley
This Land of Snow is about Anders Morley's cross-country ski adventure across Canada in the winter alone. It is an honest, thoughtful, and humorous reckoning of an adventure filled with adrenalin and exuberance, as well as mistakes and danger. Throughout, Morley’s clear, subtle, and self-deprecating voice speaks to a backwoods-genteel aesthetic that explores the dichotomy between wildness and refinement, language and personal story, journey and home.

This Land of Snow invites readers along for the glide, the trudge, the effort and elation, and the ceaseless discovery of a solo ski trip into deep Canadian winter. There are cold snaps, whiteout storms, and moments when the clouds part and a way forward becomes clear. There are drunk loggers and broken hearts. It's exhilarating and vivid, a real pleasure.
- Leath Tonino, author of The Animal One Thousand Miles Long


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