New Mountaineers Benefit: Promotive (Experticity)

We've added a new benefit for all of our members - a partnership with Promotive (Experticity) that gives you access to discounts on nearly 100 brands. Learn more and sign up.
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
October 19, 2015
New Mountaineers Benefit: Promotive (Experticity)

There's no question that our Mountaineers community is full of leaders when it comes to enjoying our outdoor playgrounds. You love the outdoors and you know the restorative power of spending time in nature. And you need to be properly equipped to do so. That's why we're pleased to announce that we've teamed up with Promotive (Experticity) to offer Mountaineers members discounts on almost 100 different outdoor brands!

Including big names like Big Agnes, Gregory, and Helly Hansen (to name a few), as a member you have access to discounts ranging from 35%-50% off. And it's all easily accessed through Experticity's online marketplace.

The best part? You can access these NOW! We've gone through the hard work of setting up your account for you and we want you to start enjoying this benefit today. A list of all of our current members is uploaded to the Promotive/Experticity website monthly (so if you're a new member, you may have to wait until the upload). If you have questions, 

Here are your steps to get started:

  1. Visit the "team" set up just for Mountaineers members to login. Since you're already in their system (after our monthly upload), you'll need to access your account first by resetting your password. This should only take a minute. Then you'll be able to login and get started.

Seriously, that's it. One step and you're ready to start enjoying discounts on nearly 100 brands you already love.

Not yet a member? Join today and begin enjoying this and all of our member benefits.

Volunteer with our programs or events? Get even more discounts with Experticity - over 300 brands ! If you have volunteered 5 or more times this year, visit our team page and apply! 

The fine print:
The email address you use for Promotive needs to match your Mountaineers email address. Only one email address can be associated with your Promotive account, and that email account needs to match the one on file for your Mountaineers membership. This has bigger implications for our Family Memberships where many adults share the same email address. If you are a family member wanting your own Promotive account, please edit your profile to change your email so that it is different from your other family members.
Benefits will be updated monthly. Right now we're working with Promotive by sending them a list of our current members each month, to be updated by the 15th of the month. That means if you join in September you'll be on Promotive by October 15. Right now everyone who is current through October 14, 2015 will be in the system.

Please know that along with this benefit comes a responsibility to act in good faith. Companies will revoke pro deals from individuals and organizations that abuse them, rightfully so. We are confident that our leaders are people of strong character and integrity, and we're trusting that you will use these pro deals according to the companies' policies. In order to safe-guard this benefit for our volunteers, we will be alerted to suspected abuse, and may terminate any pro deal account at any time. Abuse of pro deal privileges (including buying things for other people) will reflect poorly on you as a member, and may result in suspension of your Mountaineers membership.

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Ian Dowey
Ian Dowey says:
Oct 30, 2018 04:14 PM

Is this still working? Currently says on the Promotive website:
Our apologies, but we cannot find the page that you are looking for, it may be an incorrect URL address or our website had this page but it is no longer available. Please use one of the navigational links above to access the information we currently have available"?


Ian Dowey

Shiran Sukumar
Shiran Sukumar says:
Nov 08, 2018 01:38 AM

+1 also seeing 404 page

Tina Fox
Tina Fox says:
May 26, 2019 10:48 AM

I am getting a new thing when I try to see the pricing. Says locked. How do I get on to Experticity more easily? When I click unlock deal, it brings me to an ad page...ugh