New Merchandise from The Mountaineers

We've just released our first ever line of branded Mountaineers merchandise. Check out our official shirts, bottles, cups, and more, and get outfitted for your next trip, with members saving 20%!
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March 01, 2017
New Merchandise from The Mountaineers

Working together with partners that focus on eco-sensibility and performance - not to mention plain ol’ good looks - we're pleased to bring you official Mountaineers gear. We know... you've been asking for this since 1906. We hope you wear these with as pride as much as we do!


Our shirts come in two styles - a comfortable, everyday-wear tee for a relaxed day out and a performance shirt for more strenuous activities. If you're wondering what, exactly, makes a shirt performance, we are talking about a shirt designed to be light, dry, and does its best to keep you smelling... well, not terrible.

Performance Hat Black

We're also bringing you two types of hats: a more relaxed trucker-hat style, and a squishable, scrunchable, smooshable performance hat to keep sweat out of your eyes while you climb, run, hike, or whatever else makes you smile.

Pint Cups Bundle

Our dedicated Mountaineers Member Research, Development, and Analytics Team (not a real team) has also made the startling correlation between Mountaineers members and people who enjoy beer. And so, we bring you medical-grade stainless-steel, BPA free, dishwasher safe pint cups featuring one of four climbing knot designs as seen in Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills.

And we have even more cool stuff! Check it out on our online merch store, where members save 20%. And if you have pictures of yourself with our gear in the wild, ! we love seeing The M out in the wild, and we just might share your picture on our social media channels.

Merchandise is also available at our bookstore in the Seattle Program Center! Regular Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, but we have extended hours on Wednesdays and for special events. 

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