New Hike-Backpack Leader Seminar, Oct 17 at the Redmond Library

Are you interested in becoming a hike or backpack leader for the Mountaineers? Join this 2.5 hour evening seminar to learn how! Open to any branch.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
Foothills Hiking Volunteer
October 05, 2016
New Hike-Backpack Leader Seminar, Oct 17  at the Redmond Library

Leading hikes and backpacks offers unique rewards, but also unique challenges. Unlike other more technically demanding Mountaineers activities, hikes and backpacks have no course pre-requisites. We often lead people who are new to the outdoors and/or have widely varying capabilities. This seminar focuses on leadership skills to help you thrive and deliver safe, enjoyable trips.

Past and current hike or backpack leaders, as well as those interested in becoming a new leader, are invited to participate. The workshop is free and open to all Mountaineers members, but please register online so we can schedule the right number of instructors. 


Seminar objectives and content:

  • Understand and be prepared to carry out the roles and expectations of a hike or backpack leader for the Mountaineers.
  • Plan the kinds of trips you want to lead by attracting participants who have the same interests and capabilities.
  • Be prepared and confident to handle common challenges you will encounter leading groups on the trail.
  • Be ready to take the next steps to become a hike or backpack leader for the Mountaineers.

A major part of the session is built around discussion of common leadership decision-making challenges from real-life leader experiences. 

This is not a general Wilderness/Outdoor Leadership class, though many principles of outdoor leadership will be discussed and people new to leading groups in the outdoors will gain many of the core principles of Outdoor Leadership.   Experienced outdoor trip leaders outside the Mountaineers may find the Outdoor Leadership material a bit basic, but will learn Mountaineers expectations, norms and procedures important to leading for the club.  

You can attend as a Mountaineers guest by going to MEMBERSHIP on the main page of the Mountaineers website and joining the club as a guest.  We hope to see you there!  

This seminar is a pre-requisite to becoming an official hike or backpack leader for the club, and prospective leaders from any branch can get credit toward their leader certification by attending this session.