New Course: Winter Trail Running Conditioning

Do you want to continue to hike uphill at a moderate to fast pace and jog on straghtaways and downhill (if not too steep), without losing conditioning over the winter months? Then register for our inaugural Winter Trail Running Conditioning Course to maintain or improve fitness! Get in shape - Stay in shape - Be the shape!
Brad Peacock Brad Peacock
Foothills Branch Chair
September 22, 2023
New Course: Winter Trail Running Conditioning

The Foothills Trail Running Committee has just launched a new course: Winter Trail Running Conditioning. 

This course aims to help participants develop their fitness and connect with other trail runners during the winter months. It is structured as a series of progressive frontcountry runs that will slightly increase in distance and/or elevation from December to January to February. Most uphill runs will be at a moderate to fast hike; straightaways and downhill runs will be at a jog.

For those who would like to gauge progress on a specific route, the course will include a couple of optional timed runs at the beginning and end. 

Whether you are new to trail running or an experienced runner, we invite you to join us to get out more in a friendly, group environment while challenging yourself, discovering new trails, and meeting other runners.

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Graduates will be awarded the new Winter Trail Running Conditioning Course badge and will get to attend an in-person graduation celebration!


Photo by Fred Marmsater.

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