Flying to Denver? Check out these wild Dave Showalter photos!

Award-winning photographer Dave Showalter's images of Colorado wildlife are currently on display in the Denver airport. He's captured gunnison sage-grouse, sandhill cranes, bison, and bull moose, alongside stories of Westerners working to preserve the land they love.
Mountaineers Books Mountaineers Books
December 12, 2018

Braided River, the conservation imprint of Mountaineers Books, is proud to present a brand new photography exhibit "Colorado: Sage Spirit and Roaring Rivers" in Concourse A of Denver's International Airport. An award-winning photographer, Dave Showalter has captured the spirit of Colorado wildlife and paired them with stories of Westerners working to preserve the land they love.

Journey through the photographic collection to experience the Colorado wildlife like you never have before. Gunnison sage-grouse, sandhill cranes, bison, bull moose, and white-tailed ptarmigan are in full display. The exhibit also features the Colorado and Yampa rivers and La Poudre Pass, McClure Pass, and the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge.

“The images displayed here span 17 years, touching Colorado’s major ecosystems, that all flow together when viewed from a watershed perspective," Dave said. He's also the author of Sage Spirit: The American West at a Crossroads (Braided River, 2015).

"Colorado’s stunning beauty, wild biodiversity, open spaces, rivers, and long-term sustainability are in our hands. We need places of refuge in nature as much as the wildlife displayed here, sanctuary from our hectic lives and healthy habitats for wildlife and people.”

The exhibit is produced by Braided River and sponsored by Audubon Rockies, The Wilderness Society, Mountaineers Books and LightHawk. View a selection of the exhibit.




"Audubon Rockies is a proud sponsor and partner of Dave Showalter. His artwork captures the spirit of our western wildlife, landscapes and heritage and inspires us all to do better. Dave's work is critical to our continued conservation work across the west." – Alison Holloran, Executive Director of Audubon Rockies

“The Wilderness Society is proud to work with Dave Showalter and so many partners to highlight the importance of protecting our public lands. Stop and take a look before you go, then put in a good word with the folks who manage our shared lands and waters. Make sure your elected officials know you are counting on them to make sure they keep taking care of these places and the threatened sage grouse." – Nada Culver, Senior Director, The Wilderness Society



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