Navigation and Emergency Preparedness Clinics for Hikers and Backpackers

First aid and navigation preparedness classes sponsored by the Foothills branch.
Caitlin O'Brien Caitlin O'Brien
March 16, 2014
Navigation and Emergency Preparedness Clinics for Hikers and Backpackers

In Foothills we've been hearing the feedback that many hikers and backpackers want more training on some basic navigation and field emergency-response skills but often don't have the time or resources to go for the full Wilderness First Aid or Navigation courses. Some of our great Foothills volunteers stepped up and developed two free clinics open to all Mountaineers members that fill this need.

Staying Found: On-Trail Navigation
Sat, Apr 26 at 9am
Tradition Lake Shelter near West Tiger 3 Trailhead

This free hands-on class is a designed for hikers and backpackers who want to build their navigation skills to "stay found" on trails but aren't quite ready or able to invest in the more intensive Navigation course. We will focus on skills and practice to become confident reading a topographic map against the features of the terrain around you, get important information from a compass and altimeter, and maintain a steady awareness of where you are as well as how to find yourself if you get temporarily misplaced.

Trail Emergency Preparedness
Wed, May 7 at 6:30pm
Mercer Island Library, 4400 88th Ave Se, Mercer Island

Description: This hands-on clinic will provide hikers and backpackers with some basic skills and information to handle the most common first-aid situations encountered on trails: blisters, sprains, hypothermia, wound care, splints and slings as time permits. We will also review Mountaineers club protocols for responding to emergency situations. Students should bring their first-aid kits with at a minimum first-aid tape and a triangle bandage for practice. NOTE: This class does not count for credit toward Wilderness First Aid certification.

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