Mountainfilm On Tour - Bellevue, "Big Green World," Jan 11

Join The Mountaineers and the City of Bellevue on January 11 for an evening of inspiring and captivating films handpicked from the Mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado.
Steve LeBrun Steve LeBrun
22-year member and former Foothills Branch Chair
January 01, 2024
Mountainfilm On Tour - Bellevue, "Big Green World," Jan 11

This year’s Bellevue Mountainfilm on Tour film program, Big Green World, highlights films on environmentalism, ecology, stewardship of our lands and wild places, adventure, and emotional engagement with the outdoors. Travel to places such as the rain forests of the Amazon Basin, the coast of Scotland, and the Baffin Islands of Nunavut. Don't miss the highline rope walk between two hot air balloons at 6,300 feet!

The Bellevue screening features different films than the Seattle screening of Mountainfim - that's why you don't want to miss either!


Where: Bellevue Youth Theatre - 16501 NE 10th Street - Bellevue, WA 98008
When: Jan 11, doors at 6:30pm, show at 7pm
Tickets: Mountaineers & City of Bellevue residents - $15; other attendees - $18


MountainFilm.jpegMountainFilm: 40+ Years of Inspiring Audiences to Create a Better World.

Film Playlist

  • Between Earth and SkyNalini Nadkarni is a renowned ecologist who climbs trees in the rainforest to study “what grows back” after an ecological disturbance. After nearly dying in a fall on a research climb and making a miraculous recovery, Nalini begins to explore a new research subject, herself, by revisiting the site of her fall in Washington State.
  • A Baffin Vacation - Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry set off on a bold, multi-sport, 45-day expedition traveling through the remote landscape of Baffin Island in search of cliffs to climb and unexplored rivers to whitewater kayak.
  • The Wild Within - This film explores the importance of our connection to nature and finding our true selves through adventures in Churchill, Canada. Through this exploration, discover who you really want to be in this world. (Review by Jake Martin, age 18)
  • Truluck - Steve Truluck was trapped in a mundane life, but a job relocation to Scotland unexpectedly ignited what quickly became an obsession with marine wildlife. A surprise encounter with a humpback whale leads him to discover his purpose: helping others connect with whales and dolphins.
  • Walking on Clouds - This film reveals the breathtaking and dizzying highline crossing between two hot air balloons above the city of Praia Grande, Santa Catarina, Brazil. At 1,901 meters off the ground, athlete Rafael Bridi achieved the highest highline record in the world.
  • The Ghost Rainforest - Through the eyes of Indigenous activist Narubia Werreria, this film follows five Indigenous leaders and activists from the Amazon rainforest making an emotionally charged journey to the last remnant of a lost ecosystem: a desperately rare temperate rainforest habitat on the west coast of Scotland.
  • Meet a Mad Farmer: A-Frame Farm - Luke and Ali Peterson are not your normal farmers. They are regenerative farmers surrounded by corn and soybeans for miles. The Petersons’ farm is a sign of diversity and healthy crops. To others they might seem crazy, but the Petersons think of regenerative farming and food as a beacon of hope for a healthier farming system, showcasing that soil health can lead to healthier foods and happier farmers. (Review by Juno Bubolo, age 14)
  • Reclaim Your Water: Natasha Smith - Natasha didn’t grow up believing that “Black people don’t do that” was going to be a limiting factor in her life. Not only does she ride dirt bikes, skate, and surf, she is passionate about sharing those skills with others.


Founded in 1979, Mountainfilm is one of America’s longest-running film festivals. The annual festival is held every Memorial Day weekend in Telluride, CO.

Mountainfilm on Tour in Bellevue is co-sponsored by the Mountaineers and the City of Bellevue Department of Parks and Community Services. All profits go toward supporting the city's TRACKS outdoor adventure programs and The Mountaineers Foothills Branch's efforts to make outdoor activities and instruction available to all.