Mountaineers Course Calendar

Want to plan your next year adventure? Check out our course calendar to understand the seasonal course schedule for all of the skills we teach.
Tess Wendel Tess Wendel
April 01, 2015
Mountaineers Course Calendar

The Mountaineers offers a wide range of outdoor experiences through our courses and activities. Our outdoor experiences are organized and led by volunteers across seven branches. Our volunteer structure, and the fact that some of our activities can only be done seasonally, means our courses generally happen on a seasonal basis as well.

The course calendar provides an overview of our general schedule to allow you to plan ahead as you become interested in new activities and learning new skills. The calendar shows generally when the course starts BUT registration for courses usually begins 1-3 months in advance of a course start date, it's helpful to grab your calendar and look ahead.  Go ahead and view a larger version of course overview calendar to get started!

The calendar focuses specifically on courses which serve as common pre-requisites for participation in our activities. Not all of our branches sponsor every introductory course, and we offer many advanced courses and single-day seminars not listed on thecalendar. The best place to find all of our current course listings is by searching to Find Courses and Clinics

The Course Overviews section online is a great place to find a more detailed description of the course and which branch typically offers it. If you think you should be seeing a course listing but can't find something, please contact to get connected with the committee sponsoring the course.

Think you have already have the skills covered by one of our introductory courses and want to hop on activities that require a course? You may be a candidate for equivalency in that activity, contact for more information. 

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