Mountaineers Books Staff Picks

Some of the Mountaineers Books' staff share their favorites of the year.
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November 28, 2016
Mountaineers Books Staff Picks

Having published over 700+ books, we sure do get opinionated! Here are a few of our favorites from 2016 to share with you, just in time for the holidays

The Bond - Mary, Senior Editor
"Not only is The Bond a well-paced page-turner of exciting mountaineering adventure, it’s also a downright life-affirming tale of human decency—and can’t we all use that about now?"

The Bond recently won the 2016 Banff Mountain Literature award and the 2016 Boardman Tasker award.

Sherpa - Mary, Senior Editor
"You don’t hear many mountaineering accounts from the perspective of the overlooked Sherpa which is one thing that makes Sherpa so remarkable, but it’s not just that it’s a voice too seldom heard. It’s that Ang Tharkay is a charming and engaging narrator whose new perspective adds depth and nuance to well known tales."

Turning Homeward - Kate, Editor-in-Cheif
"While not a straightforward memoir, this little gem of a book weaves author Adrienne Scanlan’s personal history with the natural history of Puget Sound. It’s an intimate and thoughtful journey, yet also a lyrical and accessible story of the complicated joys of citizen science, salmon stream restoration, and finding your place in a new home. Anyone who lives in the Northwest region will recognize these landscapes and appreciate Scanlan’s wry, honest, hope-filled voice."

Yoga for Hikers - Kate, Editor-in-Chief
"Nicole Tsong might be the most appealing yoga instructor ever! This easy-to-use guide shows hikers what yoga poses to use to ease the aches and pains caused by pounding the trails and carrying heavy packs. Creaky knees? Try “Chair” and “Crescent Lunge” poses for relief! In addition to poses broken down by body part and need, Nicole includes three full flowing practices you can do at home—two for strengthening and one for recovery—all featuring full-color photos of the poses, in addition to descriptive text, tips, and modifications. I feel very confident practicing her moves in my basement or backyard."

My Old Man and the Mountain - Darryl, Sales Manager
"Father and son tales have been around since mythological times. This story takes place with the rarified air of the tallest mountain on Earth, Mt Everest as the backdrop. What does it feel like to “grow up Whittaker”-  when you’re the son of Jim Whittaker, the first American to climb Everest, what do you do in life and how do you get there?  This is a coming of age story of finding ones way and purpose among iconic men and mountains. What a great read by a first time author!"

Owl - Lace, Director of Development and Communications
"It would impossible to choose a favorite scene from this extraordinary collection of owl images and stories by Paul Bannick. Would it be the great gray owls leaping vulnerably but triumphantly out of their nest for the first time, or the downy soft spotted owl fledgling calling to be fed? The Northern Pygmy Owl with the lime-green snake clenched in its talons? Or, the Short-eared Owl entangled in a mid-sky fight for prey with a Northern Harrier. These scenes are almost too beautiful to believe, but fortunately for the reader, Bannick has captured these moments with incredible images, and informative prose, and he shares them willingly with the rest of us."

Alaska Range - Emily, Sales Representative
"I spent the first sixteen years of my life in Alaska and came to know and love the wilderness and the seasons—the still, peaceful quiet of winter and the vitalizing midnight sun of summer. Until Alaska Range, I hadn’t encountered a book that captured the soul of the The Last Frontier. Carl Battreal’s breathtaking photographs, paired with the words of Alaskan adventurers—Bill Sherwonit, Art Davidson, Brian Okanek, and others—make this book a powerful ode to one of the last great wild places on earth."




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