Mountaineer Magazine Winter 2024

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December 01, 2023
Mountaineer Magazine Winter 2024

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As soon as I hit the ground the instructors cheered. When another student fell shortly after, they were met with a unanimous hooray. The post-fall enthusiasm and support of my classmates was so uplifting that I started hoping I would wipe out. Thanks to everyone’s infectious joy, I felt emboldened to test my footing and encouraged to rise after falling and try again. And, after years of avoiding the season, I had finally found my winter niche.
-Skye Michel, Editor 

This edition's stories exemplify the many ways we find our footing in community and the natural world, from the solace of birds to the inconvenience of bunions to the unlikely connections we form in the backcountry.

The Pacific Northwest abounds with opportunities that connect us and inspire. I hope you take this season as an opportunity to dive headfirst into experiences that offer a sense of groundedness, community, and thoughtful adventure.


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