Mountaineer Magazine Winter 2022

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December 03, 2021
Mountaineer Magazine Winter 2022

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"Community holds the power to bolster a day from good to great or help steady the ship when things get rocky.  We offer each other the knowledge, support, and second pair of hands needed to see things through."
–Hailey Oppelt, Editor

As we explore the theme of “it takes a village” in this edition, it’s clear that our support networks are what help us navigate life's ebbs and flows. In Belaytionships, Packmances, and Nature-Loves, we hear about the relationships our members forge in the outdoors (dogs included). Our annual Mountaineers of Instagram piece has returned, showcasing stunning photography from our community and offering you a little inspiration for the new year. In Finding Meaning in Tragedy, we hear the heartbreaking story of a teen lost to the mountains, and how that death inspired a new kind of avalanche education program for youth, first piloted with our Mountaineers Adventure Club (MAC). And finally, a few group-oriented outdoor activities for rainy days are shared in Grab Your Gortex and Get Out, a friendly reminder that every day is a good day to get outside.

Our regular features don’t disappoint either, with a history-rich piece on REI’s roots in The Mountaineers in our Impact Giving column and fun partner exercises in Peak Performance. Offering a slightly different perspective is Mountaineers Books guidebook author Craig Romano in his piece It Doesn’t Always Take a Village, exploring the great personal reward he finds in solitary backcountry hiking. Retro Rewind is a blast from the past with an excerpt from Mountaineers Books author Lowell Skoog’s new title Written in the Snows, recounting of ski jumping’s advent in the Northwest. And don’t forget to take a look at Conservation Currents, in which we explore the transformative impacts of the Great American Outdoors Act, a cause our community rallied behind together.

All of this - along with our regular features, tips, and tricks to enjoying a life outdoors - is available now. 

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This edition, we would like to extend our thanks to Outi Villet, Heidi Walker, Katie Ives,  Craig Romano, Courtenay Schurman, Lowell Skoog, Erynn Allen, Darcy Berry, Amber Chang, Tom Eng, Joe Evenson, Jonathan Foster, Jason Griffith, Cindy Hoover, Katja Hurt, Steve Johnson, Abby Lee, Brendan Moore-Penaskovik, Ruth Nielson, Tom Robey, Sergio Rojo, Komal Sanjeev, Stacy Sarver, Scott Schopman,Theresa Silveyra, and Cheryl Talbert.

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