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June 01, 2024
Mountaineer Magazine Summer 2024

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I had the privilege of experiencing water’s magic recently during a weekend stay for Seattle’s Compressed Alpine Scrambling course at Stevens Lodge. Water not only came at us from above, but from all sides as soaked leaves and branches sprinkled us while we bushwacked. As the rules of Type 2 Fun require, a slightly uncomfortable trip made us all the closer.
-Skye Michel, Editor 

This time of year marks our respite from the rain when water-related Type 2 Fun loses its “Type 2” and we can actually choose whether we want to get wet. But the water still holds its magic, and luckily for the PNW, water exists in abundance. This edition celebrates water, exploring the various ways to find joy in our aqueous ecosystems from alpine lakes to river bodies to coastal shores spotted with spirally critters. As you enjoy the warmth of the season’s sunshine during our fleeting summer months, I hope these stories inspire you to embrace water in every form, all Types of Fun included.


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