Mountaineer Magazine Summer 2023

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June 01, 2023
Mountaineer Magazine Summer 2023

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“[When] I moved to Seattle, I was hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t currently training to summit Rainier or would rather break a sweat than catch up on the latest season of Survivor. The outdoor world bloomed open, and with it, the awareness of how behind I was on shredding proper gnar. I had to learn that 'pow' was not a punch, 'scramble' was not an egg, and 'beta' was not a fish.”

-Skye Michel, Editor 

The theme of this edition is “Shifting Perspectives,” inspired by the various ways we engage with the outdoors and how those experiences shape us. We have stories about growing up, growing into ourselves, and growing out of who we were and into someone wiser. Whether you’re trying something for the first time, or revisiting something with new eyes, I hope this edition inspires you to enter the outdoors with curiosity and courage.


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