Mountaineer Magazine Spring 2022

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March 03, 2022
Mountaineer Magazine Spring 2022

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"This year, we all seem especially eager for spring to arrive. More than the usual desire to escape our endlessly grey weather, our cautious optimism is largely fueled by hope that the burden of the pandemic will soon lighten. With waning restrictions, many of us have started to creep out of the cocoons we’ve created in the last 24 months."
–Hailey Oppelt, Editor

As stories for this edition arrived on our desks, the theme of “reemergence” began to take shape. In The Olympic Mountain Project, Part II, Nate Brown shares his experiences finishing his goal of climbing 30 peaks in the Olympics after a forced hiatus due to COVID, offering more of the jaw-dropping photos we saw in Part I. In Half Moon Bouldering we hear the story of Gloria Man, an immigrant from Eastern Europe who started her business with the goal of cultivating a new kind of climbing community. Member and artist Claire Giordano offers tips for hopeful naturalists and watercolorists to capture the joys of spring in Stop and Smell the Wildflowers. We also have excellent how-to pieces this edition, with information on how to submit pika observations to Fish & Wildlife, a highly-detailed (and funny) manual on managing zippers, and a thoughtful pandemic debrief guide based on AIARE education practices.

Our regular columns are full of inspiring content as well. Peak Performance offers tips to jiggle yourself free from stagnation with five-minute actions. Retro Rewind features the story of Stevens Lodge volunteer John Hansen, who spent decades helping build the lodge into what it is today (quite literally – he was there for both the original build and the expansion). Craig Romano shares his personal reflections and growth during the pandemic in Trail Talk, and we have an important update in Impact Giving on the current status of the lawsuit with the Keta Legacy Foundation and our hope for a resolution.

All of this - along with our regular features, tips, and tricks to enjoying a life outdoors - is available now. 



This edition, we would like to extend our thanks to Nate Brown, Claire Giordano, Craig Romano, Gloria Man, Esther Andrews, Alex Biswas, Christina Buckman, Liz McNett Crowl, Theresa Hagerty, Tom Hansen, Lori Heath, Courtenay Schurman, Andrea Shadrach, Derek Stinson, and Atsuko Yamaguchi. 

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