Mountain Workshop Seattle World School Volunteer Instructor

Volunteer with the Seattle World School for the year. Build relationships and mentor Juniors and Seniors graders as they explore, and learn about how to recreate safely in the outdoors.
Caitlin O'Brien Caitlin O'Brien
February 27, 2015
Mountain Workshop Seattle World School Volunteer Instructor

About Seattle World School

Seattle World School is located in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Seattle World School is a Seattle Public school that serves as an entry point for immigrant children and helps them transition into a regular middle or high school.

Many of the students we work with are non-English speaking, and each program has 5-10 different languages spoken. This creates a really unique learning experience not only for youth, but also for Staff and volunteers! Each language provides an interpreter, but as instructors we get to learn how to communicate our passion across language barriers.

Activities and Responsibilities

We are looking for volunteers who can commit to coming to all of the activities with the Seattle World School program throughout the year. This would include 6 outings starting from January –June, typically held on Thursday mornings. You would have the opportunity to build relationships with the Seattle World School community, spread the joy of spending time outside, and help youth learn how to recreate safely and responsibly in the outdoors. 

  • Teach youth safe and responsible outdoor practice
  • Communicate with group leader, chaperones, and Mountaineers employees if any behavior issues arise
  • Take care of program supplies while you are in program

Support and Resources

Each Seattle World School program is run and facilitated by a Mountaineers Staff. For each program, we provide you with tools and gear you need to teach youth the skill of day, and allow you to choose what activity you would like to help with!

Length of Service/Position

We ask that volunteers give a 6 month commitment to the students from Seattle World School. This involves 6 weekdays starting in January spaced throughout the year, and 1 afternoon in December for training. The programs are held at a variety of locations including, The Mountaineers Seattle Program Center, Camp Long in West Seattle, and Exit 38 climbing area. These programs generally last from 10-1pm. We set the calendar in September, and alert you to any changes in the schedule several months in advance.

Qualifications Sought

We are looking for adults who can commit 6 weekdays (and one weekday afternoon for training) throughout the year to work with the youth from Seattle World School. You do not need to have any prior youth experience or outdoors experience. We will teach you any of the skills that you need to know to be successful.

We are looking for adults who are caring, open minded, inclusive, and excited about expanding the outdoors community! The goal of this program is to expose more youth to the outdoors, and include a community of people who might not have the opportunity to get outside otherwise.

How to apply

Please contact Emily Carraux at for more information or if you are interested in volunteer with Seattle World School! All members are encouraged to apply!

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