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In each issue of Mountaineer magazine, we feature two lovebirds who met through The Mountaineers and share a passion of the outdoors. In this column, we talked to Andrew Monko & Roseanne Kahn.
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
Mountaineers Director of Communication
December 05, 2017

In each issue of Mountaineer magazine, we feature two lovebirds who met through The Mountaineers and share a passion of the outdoors. In this column, we talked to Andrew Monko & Roseanne Kahn.

Long story long, how did you two meet? 

Andrew: Roseanne and I met via an online dating site and were probably matched up because we were both looking for an active partner. Our early activities included: running, mountain biking, light hiking, snorkeling, swimming, and beach camping on the Olympic Peninsula.

Roseanne: I contacted him initially. I was intrigued by his well-rounded interests. At the time, he published a successful music and culture magazine. It was important to me that he was physically active too. We did several Seattle half-marathons together and a few short hikes. Andrew also introduced me to sea kayaking, which I love.

Andrew: Our mutual love for outdoor adventure was a key reason we clicked. But perhaps as other couples without kids have experienced, our social life, whether outdoor-related or otherwise, seemed to evaporate as more of our friends began to start families. Enter The Mountaineers. On a whim we signed up for the Alpine Scrambling course through the Seattle Branch. We learned valuable skills and enjoyed challenging excursions, but more importantly we gained friends and a diverse community. 

Favorite outdoor memory together?

Roseanne: My favorite outdoor memory would have to be the first time we hiked the Enchantments. We got a Snow Zone permit that year and hiked up to the core from our camp at Snow Lake every day. It was stunning scaling that last ridge for the first time, where Lake Viviane and Prusik Peak come into view and we could see the neon yellow-green of the first larch in September. I remember feeling drunk with the beauty up there.

Andrew: Hard to pick a favorite memory, but Dragontail Peak late last summer stands out for me. We started from the Lake Stuart camp at a moderate pace, and snapped photos along the way. Then it culminated in an icy traverse of the southeast snowfield and a dark descent of Aasgard Pass. It was a 22-hour day. But the bluebird day, astonishing summit views, and sharing the experience with our friend, Bruno Bonamici (also a Scramble grad, plus Basic), made every step worth it.

Roseanne: Traversing that icy snowfield going downhill without crampons was slippery and terrifying (microspikes weren’t enough). Luckily, Bruno had the foresight to bring his crampons and kicked some steps for us. I was truly grateful for The Mountaineers ice ax training that day. I do not wish to repeat our nighttime descent down Aasgard Pass. Ever.

Favorite piece of outdoor gear?

Both: Our three-person tent with separate entrances. We upgraded last year and find the added space worth the marginal extra weight. Plus, no more disrupting each other when entering or exiting — a true relationship saver. 


If you know of a couple that met through The Mountaineers, email Kristina Ciari. She's chronicling our Mountaineers couples and is always looking for the next pair for MountainLove. 

This article originally appeared in our Fall 2017 issue of Mountaineer magazine. To view more stories from our publication, click here.

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