Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love the Outdoors

Gift ideas for the outdoor-loving mom in your life.
Monet Medeiros Monet Medeiros
April 14, 2023
Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love the Outdoors

The hunt for Mother’s Day gift ideas for your one-of-a-kind mom can be a grueling one because not all moms want flowers and fancy soap every year. Instead, give her a thoughtful gift that reflects her hobbies and interests in the great outdoors with this foolproof guide. Written by someone with an outdoorsy mom, my categorized recommendations offer over 20 expertly-selected gifts that will create meaningful memories for both of you this Mother’s Day.

Naturalist Mom Book Banner

So, you have the naturalist mom. Well, you’ve come to the right spot. The 52 Ways to Nature: Your Seasonal Guide to a Wilder Year by Lauren Braden offers 52 new ways to rediscover your love for the great outdoors. Perfect for any mom looking to spend time outside with friends or family and even start a new hobby, 52 Ways to Nature offers unique activities such as geocaching in your own neighborhood, dropping a crab pot off a dock on Hood Canal, and observing the northern lights through Goldendale’s hilltop telescope.

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Creative Mom Book Banner

What is an artist without a new source of creative inspiration? This year, treat your expressive mom to Trees of the West: An Artist’s Guide by Molly Hashimoto, a beautifully crafted journey through various illustrations of local trees, rich natural histories, ethnobotanical notes, and thoughtfully written poems. After reading this exquisitely thorough book, your mom will find herself rejuvenated and refreshed for her next creative project or hike.

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Doesn't Need Anything Mom Book Banner

Your mom has said many times this year that she “doesn’t want anything” but you and her both know that isn’t really true. Finding a gift for someone who insists that they “don’t need anything” can be just as challenging as getting an honest answer, but Mountaineers Books has you covered. Pacific Northwest Nature: Coloring for Calm and Mindful Observation offers an exciting collection of coloring book illustrations that any adult would be excited to fill out. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest landscape, local artist Lida Enche cultivates an immersive series of Washington National parks and classic northwest habitats to sink into your creative headspace with. So grab your coloring pencils, markers, or crayons and unwind this Mother’s Day with some good old arts and crafts activities. 

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Forager Mom Book Banner

Why keep up with the price of eggs when you can go forage mushrooms for free? If you and your mom are looking to take up a new, tasty hobby this spring, try foraging with Fruits of the Forest: A Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Edible Mushrooms! This amazing guide is the perfect gift for any aspiring forager looking to equip themselves with a comprehensive guide to find, harvest, and prepare an assortment of Pacific Northwest mushrooms. Embark on a mushroom hunt with your mom, create a meal from your own backyard, and create experiences you’ll both never forget!

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Bike Mom Book Banner

If you have ‘The Bicyclist Mom’ like me, you already understand how much they cherish and look forward to family bike rides. So what’s a better way to tell your mom that you love her then to explore a new biking trail together with 75 Classic Rides: Washington. Featuring 75 rides from all over Washington ranging from family-friendly paved bicycle paths to epic mountain pass climbs, you're bound to find a suitable adventure. This Mother’s Day, pump up your tires, put on your biking shorts, and explore the great outdoors with your best biking buddy, your mom!

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 Paddling Mom Book Banner

One of the most beautiful features of our state is arguably none other than Puget Sound. And all water-lovers know the best way to experience Puget Sound is by paddling through it. Kayaking Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands offers 60 paddling routes for a variety of watercraft with an emphasis on gorgeous scenery and spots abundant with marine life. Creating memories in our beautiful Pacific Northwest coastal locations is full proof for a Mother’s Day agenda you’ll want to do again for next year. 

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